Watch Count – The eBay Stalker Tool


It’s not just for creepy people! So, there’s this website out there called Watch Count, and I think it should be added into your eBay tool arsenal. They have a lot of FREE interesting eBay search capabilities for misspelled words,  most watched items, some helpful little website plugins, the missing wildcard (*) search, and this little gem: a Buyer/Bidder History […]

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Beeminder Review – Kicked in the Butt

We all have goals. It can be weight loss, not wasting parts of your day, or a random eBay listing goal. I’ve been using Beeminder to keep track of my listing goals since the beginning of the year. I already talked about the “what” behind Beeminder, but never actually discussed what happens when you haven’t planned well and you end […]

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3 R’s Get a Face Lift with Online Re-Selling!

Reduce, re-use, recycle. The 3 R’s help ease the burden that we’re putting on the environment. I’m all for helping the environment, but I think that these 3 R’s aren’t enough. eBay has given us another option! Re-Sell I think that adding re-selling as the 4th R helps in two ways Removing an item from the waste stream. It gives it a chance […]

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Woman’s World Magazine – Interview

Well, it’s official. I’ve hit the big time. Maria from Woman’s World Magazine reached out for an interview about buying and re-selling garage sale items on eBay, and of course I said “YES!” I was really nervous about the whole thing. I’d heard of famous people having their words twisted by reports. Well, it turns out that this is overblown […]

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