100 Dolls for $1.00?!?!

Dollar Flipper Ebay Flip

The word “doll” is apparently a pretty loose term.  These are definitely not the vintage Barbie dolls that you’d expect.  All I know is that if I were a kid who was into dolls (I wasn’t), and I’d saved up my hard earned money to buy these dolls (I didn’t), I would have been pretty pissed off when this little box showed up.
Who am I kidding?  We all know that I would have ended up convincing myself that these “dolls” were just what I wanted…
Fast forward to how I actually came about these dolls.  I purchased them at a local church rummage sale.  I seem to find my best items at church sales.  Maybe they just don’t have the time or interest to research their prices like people who hold their own garage and yard sales or vendors at flea markets.  Maybe it’s because there are many volunteers who are responsible for managing and selling a large volume of unfamiliar items that they don’t know the value of.  Who knows the reason?  All I know is that I love church rummage sales!
Back to these weird tiny pink dolls.  The thing that initially caught my eye was that the label on the box looked pretty old.  Doing some quick research on my iPhone using the eBay app supported my idea that the price tag of $0.50 was well worth it.
Notice that the label is still on the box, and there’s no major damage.

These dolls were offered in comic book ads back in the 1960’s.  They were produced by the 100 Doll Co. They could all be purchased for just $1.00 with $0.25 shipping and handling!  My inner child is already rummaging in the couch for spare change.

They act like Styrene is a selling point…
Hmm, One 7′ Monster or 100 little Lilliputian dolls… These Archie Comics were just full of great “deals.”

Although the 100 Dolls Co. wasn’t the best at advertising, they definitely knew how to gather a  diverse group of characters ranging from babies, nurses, dancers, foreigners, clowns, cowboys, and brides.

And of course this collection wouldn’t be complete without Santa and his reindeer.

I’m not even gonna ask about how Santa fits in with this group.

Although there were originally 100 dolls, the set I bought came with 99.  Much to my frustration and regardless of how many times I re-counted them; there were definitely only 99.  This set is still pretty close to complete when compared to other sold listings (which usually only have ~80 of the dolls).  I listed it on the aggressive side as an auction at 49.99 +4.99 S/H.  Even though I didn’t get much action on the bids, I was OK with that since I started the price so high.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Purchase price – $0.50
  • End Selling Price – $56.80
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $10.66

Total Profit:  $45.64
Available Cash to go out and buy more: $46.14
Profit per doll –  $4.564

I wish all my flips were this easy and carried so little risk.  Any time I can purchase an item for less than $1 and potentially sell it for more than $15 is a great deal.  Selling it for over $45 profit is a home run!

-Dollar Flipper