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My name is Chris (AKA Dollar Flipper).

Dollar Flipper Mascot

No no, I don’t take art lessons, but thanks for asking!

OK – here’s a bunch of random info about me:

I’ve been selling on eBay for over 3 years now (user since 2005), and in 2014 I made just under $5,000 in profits just by flipping garage sale, flea market, and thrift store finds part time!

On top of that, I also grace readers with plenty of rambling and borderline rants, but we do have a strict “No Whining” Policy.

I’m a happily married father of two girls.

My wife and I are Millennials who saved 50% of our income last year through frugality and supplementing our housing expenses by re-selling on eBay

We are also high school sweethearts, and actually met on the first day of high school in homeroom!

We paid off over $25,000 of student loan debt in 2 and half years after my graduation.

We are currently living debt free other than our mortgage and have a plan to pay it off early!

I’m using this extra income from my flipping hobby to fund our water heater, furnace, and HVAC replacement fund.

In general, I’m trying to focus on healthier habits, increased fitness levels (avid volleyball player and former CrossFiter who still lifts but not as often as I’d like), and saving as much money as possible while still living a meaningful life.

We also have two cats who LOVE to try to get involved with photographing items for eBay (laying on the photo board or getting their fur on the clothes).

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  3. Hello,Can we be friends?I also flip in China,I sold and bought a lot of used items in Xianyu(Chinese secondhand marketplace which belong to alibaba corp.),we may exchange our ideas.

    1. Post

      Simon, that’s awesome! Of course we can be friends. It’s so interesting to see others from around the world who have found my site and also flip things for money. I didn’t realize that there was a Chinese version of eBay owned by Alibaba. I’d love to hear more about it.

  4. I have never flip in ebay.. In fact, I buy stuff on ebay and flip it the other way round. Guess the world is really round. :p

    Thanks for sharing all your flipping stories here. It’s an enjoyable read.

    1. Post

      Arbitrage can go in all different directions! There are people who buy on eBay to re-sell on eBay too!

  5. hey Flip. I think I may have met you today at Valvoline. If that wasn’t you, it was someone who does what you claim to do for a living…either way, what was said got me to thinking. Life is too short. and too much money moves in this country too easily for me not to get a bit of that. And there’s plenty for everyone. I’m sick of hustling at Jobs punching a clock like Joe regular; in my heart, thatain’tme, you know? was about to get myself further into debt by signing up for a few years of college on the off chance I might land me a job that pays boocoo dinero for the minimum effort…and still may but this sort of business could help out on the road to that…so I’m officially padawan to your Jedi , feed me knowledge! And in return, I will never forget how you helped me rise when I’d been at the bottom so long I’d started thinking there was no top!

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