April 2016 Profits – Still Hanging On

Dollar Flipper Profits

For any new readers, I (mostly) post my numbers every month. This is an effort to keep myself grounded. If you’re interested in my older monthly update posts, check them out here.

Life is finally taking a bit of a break around the Flipper household, and I’ll be back on point from a blogging perspective.

April had us planning and attending a bunch of family events and having to do all that made it a lot harder to focus on eBay or the blog. When you’re struggling packing for a family trip, the last thing you’re worried about is listing a few shirts or typing out a blog post.

Because of all of this lack of listing, my April profits took a serious hit. On top of that, I actually made the most ever from my affiliate referrals from the blog. This does not mean that I’m in any way going to be able to do this full time, but it still helped boost the ol’ ego a bit.

eBay April 2016 Profits Hanging Umbrellas Black White

I’d have to make a huge profit to sell umbrellas on eBay. Who would want to ship one?

April 2015 vs. April 2016

Apr-15Apr-162015 YTD2016 YTD
Blog Referral12.00 180.3451.71217.87
Sales903.64 412.393,631.942,363.01
Shipping Income61.36 0.00254.5050.91
Sales Tax Collected0.00
Returns-35.99 -15.00-206.97-128.98
eBay Fees93.2286.24539.34365.55
PayPal Fees28.8216.32173.3385.59
Shipping Costs122.6355.00711.67342.54
Cost of Goods Sold80.4818.00454.0098.00
Travel Expenses1.
Amazon Fees35.770.00101.1832.32
Office Supplies0.000.0079.020.00
Office Expense0.000.00374.940.00
Other Expenses27.000.0050.7595.00
Taxes and Licenses0.000.000.0034.98
Profit / Loss518.52334.382,305.211,254.91

There’s not a ton to say here.

I did receive payouts from Google AdSense ($100 limit before payout). My first payout took over a year and a half, while this second one only took a few months. You know what’s a bad thing to do when you have some good momentum? Go on a bunch of trips and blog sparsely for a few months!  /s

On the whole in 2016, I’ve gone from about 350 listings on eBay down to 310. I’m still selling things, and some of the ones that sold recently are ancient. These are pre-move to Maryland. Over 2 years old!

I didn’t actually have a return in April. I couldn’t find an item. What a bummer. As you can tell for the amount, it wasn’t that high. It was a Longaberger basket liner. I will never buy these again. They’re slow movers, don’t sell for a lot, and take a lot of know-how (which pattern is this? Which basket size?). I dumped a lot of them during last year’s flop garage sale, but kept any of the listed ones up on eBay. I just wish that I didn’t misplace this one.

I’m also feeling overloaded. I think that 4 3-hour drives in a few weekends will do that to anyone! Right now, we’re just focused on trying to get back into a normal routine… including heading back to work. Whomp.

To recap:

  • April didn’t make a ton of money.
  • May isn’t looking much better.
  • Overwhelmed is the theme for 2016 so far.
  • Babies don’t sleep well, but ours is really cute so we’ll keep her.
  • $1,254 in profit is still nice considering that I haven’t done any listing in the past few months.

When life is hitting me in the face, I try to hang on and weather the storm. It looks like we have a calm spot coming up, so let’s try to enjoy that free time for once!

Is 2016 throwing everything it can at you too? How are you managing life?

Image Credit: Sancaka Candraditya