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I’m going to kick off a new series here at Flipping A Dollar. It’s going to entail news and articles from around the web! I think it’s good to get a broader picture of the online world, but we’re also going to keep it light. I’ll try to keep it selling-centric, but who knows. Something else might slip in there.

Also, if you find something that you think is noteworthy, send it along! My e-mail is Chris AT FlippingADollar DOT com

If there are other bloggers who want to share some of their content, I’m open to that too.

Off we go!

(The titles are links to the original articles)

Here’s How You Can Score Lunch With Warren Buffett

Do you have a couple of million for lunch with Buffett?

Warren Buffett Power Lunch eBay Glide Charity

$60 billion net worth! I’d be able to retire on $1 million!

Hah! Warren seems like a great guy, but I can’t imagine that lunch with him would be worth millions of dollars. Unless I had a pitch and was looking for investment money…

Bidding is over 200k right now, so get in while you still have a shot!

Otherwise, you can still order a shirt to help out with the cause.

Historic Nazi Code Machine Sold on eBay for $15

“When a museum volunteer traveled to Essex to inspect the hardware, he found the keyboard in its original casing, out in a shed, buried under a pile of rubbish.”

This is what fuels me every time I go into an estate sale. I feel like I could hit the jackpot! That’s the thing, I would have skipped right over this if I ever saw it out shopping.

I hate shipping big things.

  • I end up having to take the item to the post office instead of putting it in the blue box.
  • I have to make sure I have a box (and I have a bunch).
  • I have to store it when it’s listed.

Pain in the butt. Plus, the bigger and more complex something is, the more likely it’s going to have an issue. Since I’m not an expert in coding machine’s , I’d have to test it out like crazy and do a lot of research. Not something that I’m looking to do.

How to use your eBay Shipping Supplies Coupon

I mentioned how I got a bunch of shipping supplies for only $5.47 using eBay’s store coupon.

For anyone who has a store, this coupon is awesome. I spent under $6 and got a bunch of polymailers and padded mailers. The tape was out of stock, but I was able to trade some with a fellow eBay seller. I’m going to become overstocked with eBay supplies. They give you a lot, even if you’re a smaller seller.

Plus, the coupons are part of your store benefits, so why not?

Tips for Teen Sellers from eBay Sensation Nandry Guffey

Nandry is super awesome. She started selling on eBay when she was 12 (?!?!?!?!) and has sold her way up to college. She goes to the Goodwill Outlet and gets several hundred pounds of stuff in one shot. Wow! She was also recently interviewed by Scavenger Life. Nandry makes 18-year old me look like a bum.

eBay Traders of Invasive Species Say They Were Unaware of Legal Restrictions

I hadn’t even known that there was a federal noxious weeds list before I read this article. I think there’s a bunch of politicians which should be added to this list…

But on a serious note, I see how it could be tempting to sell something like this on eBay. Getting items for free to resell is great until you read this quote. “In one case, a patch of the plant grew from a tenth of an acre to more than 10 acres in just one year. ”

I know that Scavenger Life had some issues selling a bird’s nest, and Nandry also discussed selling rocks in her interview, but weeds? Being entrepreneurial is one thing, but I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone out there!


Here’s to week 1 of ‘Around the Web’. I’ll play it by ear for how often we’re posting this, but maybe a few times a month if it’s popular.


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  1. Cool links. The one case of invasive weeds spreading is crazy scary. And I love my ebay coupons. Just received a whole bunch of ebay tape (but I hear that stuff doesn’t stick very well). We’ll see.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am loving the eBay shipping supplies as well! I hope they bring the price down to compete with what I currently pay for my mailers but in the mean time I will be using my coupon to stock up on supplies.

    Grace recently posted over at Picked by Grace

    1. Post

      Right? It really makes the price increase more palatable. I want an eBay t-shirt too. 🙂

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