Ask the Reader – Best Free Item at a Garage Sale?

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A few weekends ago, there was a huge community yard sale. My wife let me go out with my dad on one condition.  Because I wasn’t home helping with the toddler and new baby, I’d have to go looking for a specific item that she needed.

I only ended up spending $21 even though we were out for several hours. Honestly, it was fun. Beautiful weather, good exercise, and some pretty good deals. This is why I love garage sales and flea markets. The walking alone is one of the best parts!

The best item I got was free.  As I mentioned before, my wife had sent me out on a mission. She wanted me to keep an eye out for breast milk bags – the ones that you use to store pumped breast milk.

So at every garage sale that had infant stuff, I’d start off with “Now, this might be a little weird, but do you have any breast milk bags?” Nearly all the ladies just laughed and said that it wasn’t weird at all (and my wife agreed with them).

One lady let me know that her sister is expecting and got all of her infant stuff as she was finally done after 4 kids. I was about to leave but then she said that she thought there was one box she had missed in the basement… and it might have breast milk bags in it!

Lo and behold, she found the box and there were breast milk storage bags! I asked her how much she wanted for them, and she said not to worry about it. She was so happy that we were breast feeding and was glad to give them to us, especially because they would just sit in her basement otherwise.


Choose your own caption: Baby memes everywhere! OR For some reason women don’t approve of me calling breastfeeding “boob juicing”.

We are really glad that we can breastfeed and that our daughter is doing well with it. Our first self-weaned at about 10 months. At that point, my wife was returning to classes and our daughter returned to daycare and had to bottle feed.  Realizing how quickly she could get milk from the bottle with little effort, our daughter just flat out refused to latch and my wife got mastitis for the third time. Because she refused the breast from that point forward, we transitioned her with half and half breast milk/formula (she wouldn’t drink plain breast milk anymore) and then finally to just whole milk. Despite two bouts with mastitis already in the first 3 weeks with our second daughter, we’re going to keep on chugging along with this little one now (as long as she continues to!).

So that’s my best “free” item at a garage sale, especially if you ask my wife. Of course I don’t plan on re-selling the bags, but I found something my family needed at an unbeatable price.

What’s the best free item you’ve gotten at a garage sale?