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Ask the Reader: Do you sell on Craigslist?

Dollar Flipper Ask the Reader 17 Comments The ultimate tax avoidance selling platform! An all cash sale has its benefits but in my current lifestyle, I just don’t have the room.Last week, I mentioned that I don’t really use Craigslist to source inventory. Now we’re talking about selling though. I’ve listed a few items on Craigslist but I haven’t put much effort into it. Surprise surprise, I haven’t had any success either! Limited effort = limited results.

I tried to sell some jack stands on Craigslist. I had gotten two pairs at a garage sale for $10, but an extra set came with the jack I bought from Sears. Who needs 6 jack stands? My car isn’t that long!

I tried selling them for $40 or best offer but had no luck. In the end, I got rid of them for $15 at my garage sale where I unloaded all of the crap that I shouldn’t have bought.

I probably could have gotten a little more creative with my ad though…

Subaru Legacy Craigslist Ad Funny

Maybe my jack stands would have sold if I drew lasers on them…

So ignoring my limited success, there is another reason that I don’t want to sell on Craigslist and that is time.

I’m on a very tight (self-imposed) schedule with my life, at least pre-baby #2. I try to relegate certain chunks of the day to different things.

I was listing in the morning during the week. I would wake up at 5AM every day and lifted weights Monday, Wednesday, Friday (got my squat PR from 245lbs up to 290lbs!! using Strong Lifts app) and photographed/listed/etc. on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m currently on a weightlifting break but will try to get back into it once the baby has a more routine sleep schedule.

That morning schedule I set up doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room. I also had a buffer in there for about 45 minutes which would let me eat and pack any items.

I’m able to drop off packages on the way to work either before my daughter is at daycare (a blue box), or if it doesn’t fit, I’ll drop it off at the post office because the vestibule is open 24/7. If it’s international (and not GSP), then I’ll swing by after work since you’re supposed to hand that to a postal employee.

Other than that though, I generally try not to touch eBay at night (unless there was something hard to ship). That’s family time. Trying to stay off my computer, limiting my TV watching, not just staring at my phone, and have fun with my wife and daughter instead.

I had this routine for a few months and hit it most days. Some days I’d miss the lifting, but overall I’d keep up except for a few misses here or there.

This ended up being a super productive few months for me. I upped my eBay store from ~200 items to over 350 (just about where I’m hovering now).

Now I’m kind of in a slump. I’m not sleeping well (due to having a brand new baby), I’m having trouble getting a routine going, and I’m just being a little blobby and dreading going back to work (even though I have a generous amount of time off for paternity).

So I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is that I had a pretty tight schedule, even though it could be flexible if needed.

But Craigslist doesn’t fit into that. Craigslist takes a lot of time. Scheduling a meetup is such a pain in the butt. I don’t want to have to meet up with someone (who’s inevitably 15 minutes late).

I want to save the time for my family, not spend the time with some random person to make a few extra dollars.

So in the end, I’m able to schedule eBay into my life versus scheduling my life around Craigslist. If I didn’t have a 9-5 job, then this might change, but for now, I’ll just stick with eBay.

Do you sell on Craigslist?  If so, what was your best Craigslist sale?

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  1. You are very wise. The dividends you gain down the road from spending those precious evenings with your family will pay off infinitely more than a Craigslist sale. Some things are worth more than money. 🙂

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      I’m going to take a screen shot of the “You are very wise”, print it out on a poster and put it over my half of the bed! Although, typing it out, it doesn’t seem very wise… 🙂

  2. I hate selling on craigslist. No matter how decently you price your item they usually offer around 60% of your asking price. Then about 80% of the time they never show up. Once a guy wanted “borrow” a boat motor I had for sale after he offered me only 50% of my asking price! I told him I wasn’t born yesterday! Another time a guy wanted my item and he would pay full price only after I drove it 20+ miles to his house to let him check it out! Said nope there too! My favorite is when people drive over from a town 30 miles from us and want us to discount the price for their gas money! They shut up really quick when my husband tells them he drives that 30 miles twice a day for work! Only thing I get can rid of quickly is free items. I had about 30 people want my nasty old 1980’s drapes from when we first bought our house. Craiglist sucks!

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  3. I have a friend who practically has a full time living with Craigslist. I’m not sure if she’s expanded to Offer Up or local Facebook groups as well. But a year or so ago, she had about 100 listings runnin on CL…and just refreshed them whenever it let her. She met people in parking lots and tried to arrange meeting several people at once.
    She’d hit garage sales heavy in the spring…load up on skis, sleds, snowboards…then wait to list them in fall and winter where they’d go like hotcakes. That type of thing….
    Not my cup of tea but it worked for her. It was her only job so the time factor wasn’t an issue. And she had a very specific system of how she required people to contact her and just ignored anyone who didn’t follow her instructions.

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      If I were single, CL would be a lot more appealing. I’d have the time to deal with it. Flipping winter/summer stuff is a great idea. Bargains can be had out of season!

  4. I have had very limited success on craigslist lately. I tried selling my washer and dryer and all I got were missed appointments. Selling exercise equipment and giving away free boxes, however, was a completely different experience — both appointments showed up on time and everyone left happy.

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      Missed appointments are the worst. You are already thinking of the cash in your pocket and then poof, there’s nothing. It’s like when buyer accepts an offer and then never pays. Ugh.

  5. Craigslist is too dangerous in the Atlanta area and the state of Georgia. It is now recommended that you meet buyers in front of the Police Station and it’s just not worth it.

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      Yikes! I think the police station is a really good idea. It’ll keep everything above board and hopefully you won’t be getting any stolen merchandise either.

  6. I rarely sell on Craigslist or FB. In suburban Philly people want stuff for free because *insert sob story*. It’s not worth my aggrevation. Tax write offs work for me. However, I guess I’m uncommon in that I do claim all my cash sales and plan on even paying sales tax on my upcoming yard sale proceeds. I also claim all my waitressing tips too….which other waitresses routinely yell at me. *shrugs*

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      Just so you know, you probably don’t have to pay taxes on your yard sale items. If you bought the items new and are selling them now for a lot less, you’re actually selling at a loss and don’t need to worry about the taxes. It’s hard to prove it either way though.

  7. I love selling on CL! I usually meet people on a lunch break or when I am already out. I price reasonably with little to no wiggle room. I love having no selling fees and keeping it local. It’s also great for large items. It’s great for me but I understand how it may not fit into your lifestyle

    Regarding shipping…is there a reason you can’t/don’t do the free USPS pickup? That saves me tons of time and trips to the post office!

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      Big items on CL is definitely a positive.

      I don’t like leaving the items on my porch. It’s only once or twice a week that I need to drop items off at the post office. Otherwise, the blue box is just about a half mile out of my way so it’s not a big deal.

  8. I sold my last car on Craigslist. Lately been selling quite a lot of things on there. But I sell different things on Craigslist than my ebay inventory. It’s usually my hubby selling..and I just list for him.

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      That’s a good method. It’s strange but people who aren’t used to listing things online think it’s a lot harder than it is!

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