eBay Thank You Stickers

Ask the Readers: Do you add a personal touch?

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There are a lot of ways to remind your buyer that you’re a person on the other side of that transaction. This is the method that I use!

When I started out selling on eBay, I just threw items into boxes and had them wrapped in newspaper. Now I use those off-white large paper sheets that are used for packing when you’re moving. A nice former neighbor donated them when she was done packing!

I’ll also use some bubble wrap from ULine although this is still leftover from my previous apartment which had terrible sealing around the sliding door. If you ever order this, the roll is huge – 2 ft high by 2 ft wide at least!. We did an unsightly but effective DIY insulation that worked a lot better than just the thin plastic sheets. It involved lots of duct tape, so you know it was a successful project!

Now when I pack items, I feel that the bubble wrap looks a lot better, but man is that stuff expensive!

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that there seems to be a fine line between looking professional but reminding your buyer that you are a person.

I don’t know which is more important. The way I walk this line is that I store all items that fit in a plastic bag, and then I seal the bag with one of these fancy “Please give me good feedback” stickers!

eBay Thank You Stickers

I haven’t received 1 negative feedback in the past 12 months.

Since I’ve started using these, I definitely saw my feedback rate per item increase, and I’ve had people actually reach out to me with issues.

For example, I had sold a Harley Davidson shirt that was sealed in a bag. I never took it out because it was new. Well, it had a hole in it. When the buyer messaged me about it, I just asked for a picture and gave them a full refund. I never received any feedback for the transaction, but I’ll take that as a win when there’s an issue.

On top of this one anecdotal story, in the past year, I’ve had 301 transactions with 181 positive feedback. That’s over 60% of transactions with feedback!

In that time, I’ve had 0 negative feedback. I’ve also only had 3 items with low DSR in that time frame. I got 1 removed (buyer said the size was wrong but that wasn’t true), one was an item that I couldn’t find (that is the WORST), and one was the Harley t-shirt which will fall off this month.

In my opinion, these stickers work!

It’s human nature to assume the worst of others, but we sometimes need to remember that just as much as we have feelings, the buyer is the same way. They bought something, and they aren’t happy for some reason. I think these stickers are a nice reminder that you’re not one of the bad guys on eBay.

The stickers are a cheap way to gently remind the buyer that you’re a person, and you’re willing to help them out if there’s an issue. They only cost $0.06 per sticker, and the seller even takes suggestions on improvements.

Now that’s a great seller and a little meta.

They’re trying to help eBay sellers improve their customer interactions by listening to improvements from eBay sellers who are customers.

I’ve just received two more rolls as I was getting low, and they actually use their own stickers on the items and the packages that they ship out! I received it in 3 days all the way from California (I live on the east coast).

eBay Thank You Stickers

It even has a little handwritten “Juliette” on there! Talk about reminding the buyer that you’re human. Thanks Juliette!

Do you add a “personal” touch? Have you ever thrown in a hand-written note?