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Our move is 95% FINISHED!!!!

Last major thing to do is set up my eBay area. I figured that the rest of the house might be a little more important…

In the mean time, I’ve been very lucky and have been able to store my live eBay and Amazon inventory at an “associate’s” warehouse during the move. They’ve helped out with shipping too. If it weren’t for them, I’d have had to turn my listings off and wouldn’t have had any of the profits that I got in July. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  😉

I feel like I owe any readers who stuck around, so if you’re still there, thanks! That’s the best part about subscribing via e-mail.

E-Mail – AOL Approved since 1993 – That’s right, AOL Mail can legally drink in the US…


I know that you’ve been up at night worrying about my eBay sales. Don’t worry, subscribe by e-mail, and I’ll bug you on my own time!

You can forget about me until I e-mail again with something new to look out for, some info about a neat sale, a new technique to add to listings, or musings on other on-line selling info.

On that note, here are my upcoming topics that I’ll be working on in the next few months:

  • Embedding a YouTube video – doing this helped aid in a >$200 sale! Best sale to date!
  • eBay’s new DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) – I’ll try to go over the pro’s and the con’s (there are a bunch of con’s). Overall though, I’m still not worried and will definitely be continuing with eBay
  • Internet Service Provider flop – I had big plans on switching to a smaller provider. I choked on this one but I’d like to go over the process for those that aren’t afraid.
  • Tie Flip! This was my second foray into the men’s neck tie area. Let’s just say this was a complete success (especially considering that my 1st shot is still listed and hasn’t sold in 6 months)
  • I’m also going to include a few posts on some flops. I want to bust through the “glamour” of online selling and talk about some of the not-so-hot buys I’ve made.  Hey, live and learn. This hobby reminds me of a favorite saying of my great grandmother, “That’ll learn ya!”
  • Guest posts from my wife – I’ve only really talked about eBay so far – but that’s only one side of things. As a family, we try to live a frugal lifestyle. My wife is going to discuss some of the ways we save around the house and some ways she’s made some extra cash on the side through other real world (not online) avenues!


I have updated the profits banner up on the right. Here’s the monthly totals so far:

Jan-14$           615.75
Feb-14$           114.90
Mar-14$           371.34
Apr-14$             63.26
May-14$           342.58
Jun-14$                   –
Jul-14$            787.50

Best month this year!! That’s $2,295.33 saved so far! Technically, I’m failing (should be at $3,210 if you look at the monthly average for my goal’s projection), but really, I’m still thrilled. That’s a large amount of money going towards our retirement with no debt incurred. Can’t beat that!

Look forward to helping everyone out once we’re all settled in here at our new home!

-Dollar Flipper

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  1. Looking forward to your upcoming topics, especially from the guest comments from your wife.

    1. Post

      🙂 I’m sure everyone’s sick of hearing from me, and she’ll be a breath of fresh air!

  2. Congrats on your move and your best month yet! I cannot wait to hear about the tie flip! My husband has dozens of ties he needs to retire (purchased back in the day when he would drop $80/tie without blinking an eye) to make room for all the new ones I have found thrifting for $4.

    1. Post

      Wow, $80 for a tie is a lot! Hopefully he’s in the business world… I think I get all of my ties for weddings now-a-days and just try to match them to my wife’s dress. I try to steer her towards outfits that match ties which I already own too!

    1. Post

      Extra $$ that I couldn’t have gotten otherwise since I don’t get OT. I call it a win!

  3. Congrats on your savings. That’s great! And I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping by! Even though the posts don’t come as often as I’d like, I hope you glean some info from me.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Having just moved into a new home at the beginning of the year, I completely understand where you are coming from! I look forward to the new content you have in the works. 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks! The move sucks but we have a great plan for our garage and eBay inventory storage system. Will be good to document it for others!

    1. Post

      August’s been a lot slower for me. Who knows if it’s just because I didn’t list for a while or if it just isn’t the season for my items. It’ll pick up again!

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