Blizzard 2016 eBay Shoveling

Blizzard of 2016 Crushed my Expectations

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You may have heard that there was blizzard of 30+”. I had big plans for the time I’d be stuck inside. I thought I would get some free time. Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, I ended up doing a bunch of things that weren’t what I had planned, and I’m trying to come to terms with the feeling of disappointment.

Blizzard 2016 eBay Shoveling

That nostalgic “Let it Snow” feeling goes away quickly when the totals are in feet instead of an inch or two. Damn blizzard.

What I wanted to Do

  • TONS of eBay listings – get through those piles!

I’m struggling to keep up with my Beeminder goal. This is a combination of lower sales (post-holiday doldrums) and not listing a lot.

  • Get ahead on blog posts

0 written. My routine is to have two posts a week (Monday, Thursday).


    • Clean up the house

    For anyone who has small children, you know about the fight with entropy. Stuff just expands into the empty space you have around the house. Even if you put it back away every night. I’m looking at you, toys! Stay in your damn toy box for once!

    • Get in a workout

    I feel like I’m not in the best shape. Even if my weight isn’t very far off from my goal, I haven’t been lifting at all. I swear that I can feel my muscles just slowly atrophying and turning over to fat.

    What I Actually Did

    • Shoveling.

    Lots of it. This blizzard packed a punch. I didn’t get a traditional workout, but I did get to shovel! I also wiped out and bashed my knee on the ground. That was the point that I knew that I needed to have a beer if I was going to finish up the shoveling. The snow was a convenient cooler.

    • Lack of sleep – combination of crazy kids and the crazy snow.

    I tried to stay ahead of it and shovel when there was 6″ or less on the ground. I hate dealing with huge amounts of snow. The neighbor had drifting that was over 6″ between their car and their staircase. That would stress me out! So I was out there at midnight and 5 AM. And 730 AM. And 1130 AM. And 230 pm. And 430 pm. And the snow finally let up. The weather channel said we would be getting 2+” per hour. This was completely true.

    • Sophia the First expert

    Sophia, Clover, Amber, and James are all my best friends now. My 3 year old daughter loves this show. And she made me watch one episode multiple times over the weekend. I guess this is how my parents felt when I wanted to watch the same dumb Kids’ Sing-A-Long VHS tape over and over again. At least Netflix doesn’t make me rewind!

    • Finished the 14 book Wheel of Time series.

    The last book A Memory of Light had a really fast paced ending. Totally worth the months of reading! I may have also started the prequel last night… 😉 I’m just not ready to be done with this world yet.

    • House got cleaned

    This one was mostly my wife since I was out shoveling all day. I helped a bit with vacuuming and general tidying. It feels so much more relaxing with less clutter around.

    Lack of Listing = Lack of sales

    I sold two things over the weekend and packed hose up. I photographed a bit, but I didn’t get through any new piles, or list a lot.

    And this is the time to be listing. The winter months are time to get through the crap that you ought over the summer. I’ve been good so far this month and have avoided any new purchases. I’m still not making enough headway on what I already have, or at least I don’t feel like I am.

    I dream of the day that I’m able to go out thrifting, bring the bag in, and list that bag right away. Instead, I’m like someone who’s in a ton of debt and trying to just stay afloat. My backlog is large and as it feels more oppressive, I’m debating about how to handle it.

    I’ve put plans in place before, but they haven’t seemed to be effective enough. I may have to do something drastic!

    Blizzard of Gratitude

    Let’s try to look at all of this in a grateful way. Even though I haven’t listed a lot, I’m still making money, and I’m saving up towards catastrophic appliance failure while saving a lot of my regular income. I need to keep things in perspective here. Selling on eBay is hard, but it’s also a luxury.

    It’s letting my wife and I save towards retirement while improving our house.

    Even though I’m a bit overwhelmed in the moment, I’m going to try to into my routine here now that we’ve dug ourselves out. The snow covered driveway is just like an eBay pile. I have to just start one shovel/item at a time.

    Did you get walloped by the snow? Did it affect your eBay plans/routines?

    Image Credit: smilla4

    P.S. I refuse to call a storm by a name that it was given by the weather channel. This is dumb. Saying Winter Storm John has no meaning. When I say “Blizzard of 2016” it doesn’t only tell us what happened (blizzard – snow storm with high winds) but it also tells us when it happened. So much more useful. Screw you J*nas.