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To start, this isn’t a crazy flip.

This is a nice and easy one though, and I’ll detail all the reasons below

It’s a Budweiser Tap Handle!

Let’s start off with a few facts:

  1. Budweiser is not my beer of choice.
  2. I enjoy many craft brews
  3. I will not turn away free beer, even if it’s Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Natural Light, Milwaukee’s Best or Best Light… 


OK, never mind, I really don’t want a Natty Light or Beast/Beast Light.  Please keep that “beer” water to yourself.  I don’t want to steal the college kids’ favorite beer!

If I am going to drink a Budweiser though, it better not be from a can or a bottle. I’d like it a lot better from the tap. Here’s where my tap handle comes in!  Just invite me over, and we can drink a few Buds that you poured using your great, authentic, Budweiser tap handle!

When I’m out shopping for items to flip, I probably wouldn’t keep my eye out for Budweiser brand. There’s a lot more valuable brands out there.

For example, here’s some more expensive ones found on eBay’s completed listings:

I bet Ballantine’s was the Budweiser of its time

Pittsburgh fans can drink some of this to make them forget about those Steelers this year.

OK, this is definitely cooler than my plastic tap handle.

Here’s the links to the completed listings for the above if you’re interested on doing a little research:

So what can we learn from all of this? There’s a few really good lessons.

      1. Older is better.

Out of the three highest completed listings I found, 2 of them are much older. Iron City Brewery (now Pittsburgh Brewing Company) started in 1861. Ballantine started brewing in 1833!  Dogfish Head only opened in 1995.  At first, it can be surprising that the Dogfish Head handle went for such a high amount, but we can see why in reasons 2 and 3.

      2. Craft brewing is hot right now.

Dogfish Head was the first brewpub in Delaware.  When it opened, it was the smallest commercial brewery in America.  But then it started getting popular.  From 2003 to 2006, sales grew nearly 400%!  The brewery has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s show Brew Masters and is featured in 27 states.  

This company’s story represents what a lot of regular Joe’s who home brew envision.  Starting a restaurant, brewing awesome beers, and hitting the big time.  The last reason this one is so expensive is found in #3.

      3. Weird/Different sells!

I don’t have too much to say here.  The tap handle says “Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ale,” and the one that sold isn’t even in good shape (had a chip on the bottom).  On top of that, the picture’s just terrible.  All the gold and jewels seem to blend in with each other).  Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:
So, you must be asking yourself by now, “why the hell did you buy that Budweiser tap handle then?”

It’s not old (most likely circa 1980’s/1990’s.)
It’s not a craft brew.  I don’t think you can get anymore mass produced than Budweiser.
It’s not weird or different.

What was I thinking?  Let’s look at the final numbers and see why I bought this.
  • Purchase price – $1.00
  • End Selling Price – $12.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $4.37
Total Profit:  $7.62

I’m afraid I may have gotten everyone’s hopes up with all the talk about the awesome tap handles that I didn’t sell, but I don’t make $50+ dollars on every item.  The reason I liked this tap handle, even though it wasn’t old, cool, or weird, is because it was at the right price point, and it wouldn’t cost much to ship!

The handle didn’t take up a lot of space at 5 3/4 inches, was able to fit in a small padded mailer, and shipped first class!  This is a small win, but I still got a 762% return on my investment.  And all those financial guru’s were excited about the S&P going up 2.6% this week….


-Dollar Flipper

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  1. I think the other reason to get these are that they are so readily available. I think you are right on, easy to store, easy to sell, easy to ship. Great stuff!

    1. Exactly. I’ve learned the hard way that, if I’m going to only make a small profit, make sure the item is cheap and easy to ship. Not worth it to drop a lot of $$ for a small return or have to deal with the pains of shipping something large!

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