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Blogging Hiatus

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This is tough for me, but I’m going to take a break for a few months on here. I’m not managing all life stresses well right now. We have a busy summer, work is pretty busy too, and the girls just grow up so fast. I don’t want to spend my time on the computer when I can be doing …

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Flipper Family Gets Sick

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Oof. My whole family was knocked out of commission by a virus this past weekend. One of us was completely useless over the past 48 hours, and we’re just trying to get back up to speed. We are just trying to function in the house, let alone worrying about blogging! The nice thing about eBay is that if you’re not …

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Life Changing Events and eBay

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Back in September 2015, we added a new member to the Flipper household.

Any life event (buying a house, getting married, having a child) is going to impact your day-to-day life, and for me, eBay was also affected. I’ve given it some time (baby is almost 5 months now!), and I’m looking at ways to handle some of this additional stress while still improving in other areas.


Happy Holidays and Rest up for 2016!

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The holidays are a time for self reflection, food, and family – and maybe a few drinks 😉 Over the years, I’ve transitioned from wanting tons of gifts to enjoying giving them. Probably just a part of growing up.

I’m going to use the time off from my day job to work on getting my eBay piles back into order, and if you’re wondering, no, it isn’t too late to list that Christmas item!

I’ll be on a blog break until the new year, so until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jetpack is Blasting Off! Moving Onto MailChimp.

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OK, first things first, you may receive this post twice depending on if you subscribed through WordPress or with you’re e-mail. In the future, I’m going to do e-mail subscription only. What I need from you: If you received two e-mails, please unsubscribe from the WordPress generated e-mail. That e-mail looks like this: If you only received one e-mail, that …

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Interviewed by Holly Johnson of Club Thrifty

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Recently, Holly Johnson from Club Thrifty reached out to me for an interview. She was looking for someone who added to their regular income with an eBay business. She had to tailor it to a more general crowd, but I thought that the behind the scenes notes could help my readers. Holly’s site is great for all things frugal/thrifty which …

Baby Break!

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Our “little” baby girl was born on Friday night. She was 9 lbs 3 oz! I’ll be taking a break from posting for at least a week. Need to help the Mrs. rest up as much as possible. Feel free to check out some of my clothing posts in the meantime! They’re a favorite of readers and have a lot of …

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July 2015 “Profits” – Sales Slowdown

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For any new readers, I (mostly) post my numbers every month. This is to ground myself and allow me to course correct or accept my current position. If you’re interested in my older monthly update posts, check them out here. I just finished listening to an NPR Planet Money podcast this morning, and I couldn’t help feeling that it was …

Beeminder Review – Kicked in the Butt

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We all have goals. It can be weight loss, not wasting parts of your day, or a random eBay listing goal. I’ve been using Beeminder to keep track of my listing goals since the beginning of the year. I already talked about the “what” behind Beeminder, but never actually discussed what happens when you haven’t planned well and you end …

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Woman’s World Magazine – Interview

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Well, it’s official. I’ve hit the big time. Maria from Woman’s World Magazine reached out for an interview about buying and re-selling garage sale items on eBay, and of course I said “YES!” I was really nervous about the whole thing. I’d heard of famous people having their words twisted by reports. Well, it turns out that this is overblown …