Pimsleur Gold Edition eBay

Pimsleur Gold Edition

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I was dreaming about this post since I bought these items to re-sell. Maybe I dream of eBay too much? This flip is something you definitely want to look out for. I knew what I was buying, so I didn’t mind shelling out some extra dough. I think this has been one of my highest flips yet!


Boy Scout Books – Flip and a Flop!

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Today you’re going to get a two-fer! A flip and a flop! Rocking the flip flops Being an Eagle Scout, I know that there are a lot of people who are collectors in the scouting world. Side Note: I wouldn’t have finished my Eagle Scout without my parents. They kept me on track, and I just squeaked by. I would …

eBay Flops – Crap I shouldn’t have bought

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I don’t want this site to turn into a Facebook account that’s missing that authentic vibe so we’re going to bare all today. Flop! Warning: This post is going to be all over the place, but that’s because I have a lot of material that I screw up on! There’s plenty of items that I think will sell for a …

Vintage 90s Nickelodeon Merchandise – Rugrats Hat

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Since I only post once a week on Monday mornings, I can’t really do a throw back Thursday. So here we are with a mini #TBT on a Monday. And regardless of the day, vintage stuff sells well on eBay! Vintage is where I got my start. My inaugural flipping post was some vintage Hungry Hungry Hippos. I’ve flipped vintage …

Marlboro Western Jean Shirt eBay

Marlboro and Other Tobacco Promotional Items

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At first, I was going to say that tobacco promo material should fit right into my clothing category, but then I found that there’s a lot of other types of material out there. There’s an entire eBay category called Tobacciana. Marlboro Country Store Within this category, I’ve sold t-shirts, jean shirts, fleece jackets, travel bags, and jean jackets. Throughout my …

1971 Parker Brothers Mille Bornes Card Game

Vintage Mille Bornes Card Game

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The toy and game area of the thrift store is normally jam packed with stuff. You’ll find tons of cool things you can flip. I’ve discussed a lot of these previously “fun” flips already: Plushes Toy Trucks Electronic Hand Held Games Outdoor Toys RC planes If it’s not obvious yet, I’m not, haven’t ever been, and don’t plan on being …

Rockmount Ranch Wear eBay

Pearl Snaps – eBay Clothing Series #7

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Final day of my clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge! It’s been rough getting these last two posts out. I wasn’t as proactive as I would have liked either. Don’t mind any rambling or me getting sidetracked. At this point, I’m just glad that I was able to push this out! We’re going to wrap up the series with a western …