tradu ebay research tool

tradu Review and Beta Invite Giveaway

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tradu – a next generation research analytics tool for eBay sellers. Make sure to read on and comment for a chance to participate in the private beta (details at the end of post). You can help develop this application and tailor it to your needs as a reseller!

For anyone rolling their eyes, seriously take a look. I was skeptical at first too!

Vintage Apple Macintosh Electronics Shirt eBay Sold

Vintage Electronics Swag

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Looking back, I should have done a nerd month. I hit D&D books, Japanese Manga, a video game from my collection, and this awesome chemistry T-Shirt image. Now I’m talking about vintage electronics branded clothing!

DBZ Heat Reactive Mug Trend

Dragon Ball Z Mug eBay Bubble Data Analysis

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In August’s profit update, reader Jesse mentioned that he had started a bubble. The item was a limited edition Dragon Ball Z Heat Activated mug and was only available from Hot Topic stores. Jesse had found that a sale at the store made it really profitable! He posted over on Reddit, and the whole thing kind of blew up. I …

Marlboro Western Jean Shirt eBay

Marlboro and Other Tobacco Promotional Items

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At first, I was going to say that tobacco promo material should fit right into my clothing category, but then I found that there’s a lot of other types of material out there. There’s an entire eBay category called Tobacciana. Marlboro Country Store Within this category, I’ve sold t-shirts, jean shirts, fleece jackets, travel bags, and jean jackets. Throughout my …

eBay T-Rex

Chef’s Knives on eBay

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Hitting you up with some research today. We’ll be taking a look at chef’s knives that sell well on eBay. This blog is right on the cutting edge! OK, that’s the last knife pun. I tried a bunch of others but even I couldn’t handle them (unintentional pun). Way too cheesy. Believe me, we’re all better for this decision. So, …

1971 Parker Brothers Mille Bornes Card Game

Vintage Mille Bornes Card Game

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The toy and game area of the thrift store is normally jam packed with stuff. You’ll find tons of cool things you can flip. I’ve discussed a lot of these previously “fun” flips already: Plushes Toy Trucks Electronic Hand Held Games Outdoor Toys RC planes If it’s not obvious yet, I’m not, haven’t ever been, and don’t plan on being …