Watch Count – The eBay Stalker Tool

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19-Feb-2016 Update: WatchCount has closed down the Buyer/Bidder History search due to a (polite) request from eBay. Here’s their official note, and here’s a link with a little more context from their Facebook group. Just remember, ‘scammers’ are not common except for in a few categories, so really, it’s not that big of a deal. Just be sure to protect …

April 2015 Profits – Love Re-Stocking Fees

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Another month in the books! Spring has been a little weird around here in Maryland. It’s gone from winter, to spring for 2 days, then right to summer. Then back to winter (it actually snowed on Saturday last weekend), a week of spring, and now we’re going to have a high of 86 today. Basically, I’ve gone from wearing my …

eBay T-Rex

Chef’s Knives on eBay

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Hitting you up with some research today. We’ll be taking a look at chef’s knives that sell well on eBay. This blog is right on the cutting edge! OK, that’s the last knife pun. I tried a bunch of others but even I couldn’t handle them (unintentional pun). Way too cheesy. Believe me, we’re all better for this decision. So, …

Vintage Air Jordan Free USPS

USPS Boxes for Free!

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The bottom line in this hobby is very important. You try to squeeze out every dollar you can. The hard part is that when you start out, you don’t have the ability to scale. As your eBay hobby (business?) grows, you can start to buy larger quantities of routine shipping materials – think mailers, bags, and tape. When you buy …

1971 Parker Brothers Mille Bornes Card Game

Vintage Mille Bornes Card Game

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The toy and game area of the thrift store is normally jam packed with stuff. You’ll find tons of cool things you can flip. I’ve discussed a lot of these previously “fun” flips already: Plushes Toy Trucks Electronic Hand Held Games Outdoor Toys RC planes If it’s not obvious yet, I’m not, haven’t ever been, and don’t plan on being …