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Ship A Sold Item – eBay Process

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As a new seller, having to ship something was stressful. Over the years, it’s become the easiest part of my eBay process. It means I just got paid!

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Sell one like this eBay Sell Similar Listing

Listing Items – eBay Process

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Listing is the most important part of selling on eBay. This is where you’re creating value – adding important information to an item. Here’s my streamlined listing process!

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Purchase Money Limit

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eBay profits can be used a lot of different ways. It’s great to put the profits right back into the business if you want to see growth, but what if you’re not trying to expand too fast due to time or space constraints? I use my purchase money limit.

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Inventory Management – Mix and Match

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Inventory management becomes more and more important as you grow your eBay business. In the beginning, a book shelf will do. This is not scalable, though, so if your business grows, you’re soon going to be dealing with piles! I’m going to expand on my previous inventory post to with some extra tips on how I manage my process.

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Photographing, Measurement, Storage eBay Process

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In November last year, I started to talk about my 5 step eBay process. Purchasing an item is the easy part. We’ve talked about how I do my eBay research and prep the item by using my spreadsheet. Today, I’m going to show how I measure, photograph, and store my item and all the fun, helpful tools that go along with that

Reception Shipping Area eBay Process

eBay Process – Reader Q&A

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Last week, reader Dana had a TON of awesome questions after I posted the spreadsheet that I use throughout my eBay process. Let’s call it a MEGA-comment.

I’m going to reply in a MEGA-Post! It’s probably my longest post yet, but I think it’s great for a reader to challenge my way of thinking. We get stuck in routines and assume that they’re the only way that we can do things. Finding out how others work lets us grow.

eBay Sell Similar Death Pile Listing

Sell Similar – Worth Your Time?

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I’m listening to Scavenger Life again after my #NoNoiseNovember Challenge. They discussed ending and re-listing items using the Sell Similar instead of re-list. I’m trying to figure out if it’s genius or a complete waste of time.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Computer eBay Inventory Spreadsheet

Why my Inventory Spreadsheet is a Lifesaver – eBay Process

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Last week, we started the discussion about my eBay process, and I received a lot of help on the dress that I’m going to list. This week, I’m going to fill in the gap with how I store all of the information I gather during research and the ensuing steps of the process – a really big spreadsheet.