eBay Invoice Final Value Fee Top Rated Seller Discount TRS

Check your Invoice!

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When my wife was in the hospital delivering our new daughter, I had put my whole store on a 5 day handling time. I changed it back when we returned. The thing is, I noticed that my fees seemed a little higher a few weeks later.

I went back and looked at my invoice after all the fun and noticed that I wasn’t getting my Top Rated Seller Status discount on my Final Value Fees on some items even though I had been shipping within 1 day and had a 14 day return.

I bust my butt to do this (well, not really, but that’s what I told the eBay rep :)). I do prioritize shipping instead of listing because of my handling time.

I went through and found some items in July and August where I wasn’t receiving the 20% discount. Some of these were high dollar items (Pimsleur), so they added up pretty quickly.

The funny thing is that these weren’t even during the birth. That month ended up being correct!

After looking at the tally (ignoring the 5 items I sold while my shipping time was extended), it was a total of $42.35 of final value fees that weren’t discounted.

Instead of the 20% discount, I only received a 10% discount consistent with the premium store level.

Being home (thanks to paternity time) to deal with these issues helps a lot. The wait time was basically 0 minutes since I called at 930 in the morning but it ended up taking over 2 hours with 3 different reps to solve the problem. They had to manually check each item.

They really weren’t sure what happened. One rep guessed that I had listed the items when I didn’t have Top Rate Seller status (true for a couple but not all of them). Another rep guessed that it was because I had listed items with an extended time (back before I was able to shorten the shipping time) and no returns, but had later edited the items to conform with TRS requirements. That 2nd one is also BS because they check the item at the time of sale independent of their original listing settings!

I’m guessing it was a glitch on the eBay side, but I’m also glad they could correct it.

It’s really easy to check if you received your discount. There will be a * next to the words “Final Value Fee.”

eBay Invoice Final Value Fee Top Rated Seller Discount TRS

Notice the Pendleton and the concert t-shirt. Still selling them!

The other good thing to look for is any weird charges for listings. The infamous “Gallery Plus” – Gallery Plus gives you bigger pictures which are supposed to help your item sell. I’ve chosen to use it once or twice on purpose.

This thing is a cockroach which never goes away! I swear there are times when I’m listing that I uncheck the box, and it just checks right back. I’ve had to press list my item and then go back and edit the item.

The hard part is that it costs $1 a month, and a lot of times, the first month is free. If you list an item as Good Til’ Cancelled, then you need to watch out for this! My new method is to set a reminder using Inbox by Google to remove the gallery plus before the item gets re-listed.

So, after all of that, make sure to look at your invoice! I guess this goes for any bills really (credit card, electricity, mortgage). It’s a pretty good habit but I’m just starting to add eBay to my list of monthly checks.

Update: Just to clear up some of the mud, the discounts don’t get applied until you actually receive the invoice. For me, I get the 10% discount from having a premium store right away and then the 20% gets applied when the invoice shows up.