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Concert Merchandise – eBay Clothing Series #1

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This post marks the kickoff to a 7 day blogging challenge given by Winnie Kao, an employee of marketing guru Seth Godin.

When I read about the challenge, I  said “why the hell not?” I’ve been meaning to do a series anyways.

I’ll talk about 7 different types of clothing to look out for (brands, themes, etc.), one for each day!

Instead of just saying what brands to look out for, I’ll explain my methodology that I work through when I pick up a piece of clothing and decide whether or not I’ll make a profit. Hopefully anyone from the novice to the expert reseller will find some value in this series!

Remember, even within one brand, there can be a range of prices. I’ll give a few tips on the diamonds in the rough, but resellers, like my golf game, mostly deal with the rough. Because of this, my goal is to help you weed out the bottom of the barrel clothing, and key in on the items that will become your bread and butter that sell in the $30+ range.

Disclaimer: Most of these won’t be $100 items, but a few might sneak in…

Like, for example, this original Slipknot hoodie! I have to start with a bang

Concert Merchandise – Add it to your BOLO list!

Original Slipknot Iowa Hoodie

Yeah, that’s a goat’s head.

For anyone who isn’t a maggot (it’s what Slipknot calls their fans… don’t ask), Slipknot is a heavy rock band who started in the late 90s. For being 15 years old, this hoodie was near-flawless! Timing definitely helped as Slipknot released a new album and went on tour in late 2014.

Here’s the numbers for my Slipknot hoodie:

  • Purchase price – $5
  • End Selling Price – $220
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $45.64

Total Profit:  $169.36

I started this sale at $250 with a best offer option, and it paid off! I think this is one of my highest sales to date.

Concert Merchandise Tips

#1 – Rock bands’ merchandise seems to sell better. We won’t argue if they’re actually better music-wise because c’mon, they are.

Here’s a bunch of listings for current concert t-shirts that are listed for over $30 but under $100 (just so we don’t get our hopes up too much). Again, rock is king in the concert t-shirt merchandise arena!

#2 – For some numbers, t-shirts are generally $3 and under at my local thrift stores. They sell for $30+, so that’s a minimum of $20 profit, which meets my 2015 target profit per item!

Because the t-shirts are so cheap, there are going  to be a ton to sort through, and when looking at them on the rack, they all look the same.

And if you’re wondering, no, that Planet Fitness t-shirt isn’t worth anything.

#3 – Brands on the shirt don’t really matter. A lot of these shirts were printed on generic brand t-shirts. Just be sure to corroborate any tour dates on the shirt with actual tours! Google is your friend.

#4 – Jackets and hoodies cost more when they were originally sold, so it’s understandable that they’ll still sell for more. Grab these if you can!

#5 – Condition is key. As I noted earlier, the better the condition, the more it will be worth. The only way you’re going to get around this is if you are reselling some true vintage 70s concert t-shirts. Then, there will be some wear, and it will be acceptable.

Be ready for post # 2 in my clothing series tomorrow and be sure to check out all the other bloggers over at the Your Turn Challenge Blog.

Rock on!

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    1. Post

      I also found a bunch of Slipknot t-shirts. The shame is that they’re all XXL so I can’t wear them. I’m a closet Slipknot fan, and I’d recommend people to listen to them before judging. Their masks are all part of the act. Similar to the 80’s hair bands!

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