eBay Flops – Crap I shouldn’t have bought

Dollar Flipper Ebay Flip

I don’t want this site to turn into a Facebook account that’s missing that authentic vibe so we’re going to bare all today.

Belly Flop eBay

I cannot wait for our community pool to open!


Warning: This post is going to be all over the place, but that’s because I have a lot of material that I screw up on! There’s plenty of items that I think will sell for a lot of $$ but end up just being a big fat flop. These mini experiments are great lessons for me, and hopefully I’ll be able to help you avoid my mistakes.

I guess that’s the hard part of this hobby. I want to find the things that are worth a lot of money, but I also want to be safe about it. The key here is to buy low.

I don’t have to like doing it, but it doesn’t kill my profits if I have to re-donate one or two $2 items.

Luckily, we had our community garage sale last weekend and were able to recoup some of the costs but we wary: some of this is leftover crap that people at a garage sale wouldn’t even take for free!


One thing I don’t have a picture of is a butt-load of Longaberger items. For anyone who’s not in the know, these are baskets and little fabric liners and charms that people collect.

They are a multi-level marketing company, and a lot of people have the leftovers in their houses since they don’t sell the stuff anymore.

I have bought a few lots over the years and have done well. The thing is, they don’t sell for much, and they take a good amount of work to identify. They’re super easy to ship but I’ve found that I just don’t enjoy them.

I unloaded about 3 or 4 for $2 a piece at the garage sale and then sold the rest to one guy for $40. This was after picking through and listing the best though, so I’m pretty happy with that money.

Some sell for ~$20 but most them only go for $6-10. This is way below my price threshold, so I’ve moved away from them.

And yes, I could have lotted them together on eBay too but again, I just can’t stand them!

Side note: These are not for me but part of that is one of the town homes we looked at had a Longaberger themed room. We had put in an offer and were having nightmares about trying to remove the basket themed wallpaper. Yeah, you read the right! Let’s just say that Longaberger is leaving a bad taste in my mouth…

Princess Vera Wang
Princess Vera Wang Cardigan eBay

The leaves/hair on it are from being out at the garage sale all day! Or maybe I used it to wipe the floor of our dining room after our daughter eats.

Apparently this is a girls clothing brand, not women’s (hence the princess – give me a break, this is all new to me!). And the women’s doesn’t sell for that much either!

I bought this cardigan a week prior to our garage sale for $1, realized it wasn’t a good purchase, and then tried to re-sell it back for the same price. No dice.

Ended up just donating it. Let’s just say I will NEVER forget that Princess Vera Wang is not a brand that I want to keep selling.

Fabric Lot
Fabric Lot eBay

I saw this box and thought it was my retirement!

I had really high hopes for this fabric. Then I realized that I had a huge moving box full of tons of different types when I had no clue what I was doing. I definitely had my pair of thrifting goggles on when I was at this garage sale.

I had listened to a Scavenger Life episode about identifying fabric and lo’ and behold, listening isn’t the best way to learn about fabric. I think I need to go to Michaels and start feeling all of the different types.

Regardless, there were a lot of moth holes in the fabric (I realized it when I got home after purchasing them), so it really wasn’t worth a ton anyways. A lady had closed up her Etsy store and was liquidating. In the end, it’s OK because I sold a Filson vest for $100 and have a messenger bag up for $150 from this yard sale, so I’ve already made my money back and will make a nice profit in the end.

On top of this, a nice lady was rummaging through the box when we had given up and put a “free” sign out. She was really stoked but would not take the whole box no matter how hard we pushed it.

Vintage Maternity Compression Stockings
Vintage Maternity Compression Stockings

Who wouldn’t want maternity compression stockings from the 90s that require a garter? Pregnant women love wearing garters!!!

These actually do sell on eBay, but not for the $30 tag price. The issue for me is that there were 2 stickers on each one, and I hate peeling off stickers. This is another reason that I’m not into FBA. It’s a pain in the ass, and the goo gone just stinks.

A nice old lady inquired about them, and my wife told her that she could take as many as she wanted for $1. She only took one! They were $2 a piece from the thrift store so this one hurt more than most.

Weight Lifting Belt

This belt was bought a few weeks before for $2. I sold it again at my garage sale for the same price! I’ll take it.

Weight Lifting Belt eBay

This had no brand name. You want to get the vintage Made in USA ones if you’re going to re-sell it!

Lessons Learned

With all of these flops, I think Mrs. 1500 sums it up best with this comment on my Maniac Monday re-cap

Is there any way you can slow down while shopping and really check out the product before you buy?


Of course there is. I can sit here and make a ton of excuses why I try to do this but the reality is taking chances is what makes this hobby fun. I’m going to refine the process as I go, just like any other business.

For example, out shopping for a tie yesterday at Goodwill for an upcoming wedding and I actually I stopped at the space where you put clothes back on the rack after trying them on to look through my entire cart!

Pro Tip: You can find some really good clothes on the rack outside of the changing booths!

I actually put a jacket back (man it was hard) because of some issues with it. I went through each item to really decide if I wanted to spend the money on it. The jacket was a vintage Mani by Giorgio Armani Wool/Cashmere blend trench coat, but it had tons of moth holes and I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to wear one. This was a hard one because the brand is just so rare and high-end.

Would you have bought the jacket for $6?

Feel free to share any of your flops in the comments!