eBay Protecting my DSR?

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eBay Protect DSR

Thanks eBay! Although I’m still not sure what this means…

eBay message = Clear as mud

That sounds scary! Better complain about it! Oh wait, no whining! Let’s try to look at this logically first.

I’m HOPING that I haven’t had 38 transactions with issues this past month, but that’s definitely how this eBay read to me. After perusing eBay’s Seller Protection Policy again, I think I’ve figured this out. Let’s shed some light.

eBay doesn’t only “protect” you when you have a situation with a buyer. They also do have some automatic 5 star ratings for the following reasons:

  • Shipping and handling charges – offer free shipping and you’ll get a free 5 star rating
  • Shipping and handling time – Offer 1 day and actually ship it within that time frame (this is what I do. I just drop off my packages in the blue box unless it’s a non-GSP international sale that needs to be handed to a PO worker). Fast n Free offers some additional protection from low ratings.
  • Communication – you can get an auto 5 star if you have no pending return cases and no buyer/seller initiated communications in your eBay messages. I’m unclear as to whether that is only for this item or in general for your account. I always try to respond quickly since I hate the little notification in my dashboard that says I have an unanswered response. Buyers who respond to me after I answer with “Thanks!” are literally the worst. I have to respond to that now too!

I’m not going to go into detail on any of the other categories as they definitely haven’t occurred to me in the past few months, but they are the following:

  • money back guarantee requests
  • seller performance standards (so helpful… LOL)
  • hassle-free returns (I’ve turned this on and haven’t had one yet)
  • unpaid items (just turn it on auto and forget about it. Less to worry about),
  • Global Shipping program.

I love GSP in theory, but when I found out that eBay re-packages everything and ships it as Priority regardless of weight (International 1st class is up to 4 lbs and cheaper than Priority), it really limits your buyers on lightweight items. I’ve started to offer both GSP and calculated international shipping worldwide and have sold at least 50/50 between GSP and regular international shipping. If it’s making my buyers happy and isn’t  a ton of extra work for me I’ll try it out.

So anywho, there you go. That’s how eBay has protected me (us?).

I feel like they’re starting to look out for sellers a bit, as noted in the recent update that extended holiday returns (basically buyer can return purchases made between November 1st and December 31st for any reason until January 31st – at their own cost assuming you didn’t do anything wrong) will not be required to keep your Top Rated Status and your discount. Instead, you’ll get an additional 5% on top of the 20% you’re already saving.

I’ve already talked about why you can’t worry about eBay’s DSR rating too much, but the sense in this decision is reassuring!

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  1. Here’s a quick tip! You can mark messages as ‘read’. Then the notification goes away. Then you don’t have to say “thank you for the thank you”……:)

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      I didn’t realize this. I thought eBay always wanted a response to a buyer’s question. I’ll definitely look into this now!

  2. I received the same thing, my initial thoughts were this is good right? I sell pretty frequently on ebay, so I’m excited to dive into the blog and take a look.

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  3. A lot of bloggers are mentioning this same email. I got one too. Maybe it’s to pump up morale or something? My dashboard shows no changes though.

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      Yeah, I’m not sure of the real significance. I think eBay just likes to remind people that they aren’t all bad, even if they do make some questionable decisions!

  4. I think we all got it by now. Mine also mentioned that a defect was removed. Defect? What defect, when I checked mine recently, there weren’t any defects to be removed. I honestly just ignore this stuff. I’m doing my best and its the best I can do!

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      Exactly. It’s out of our control. Try to list stuff that’s good quality and don’t lie about it. Take good pictures, have good prices. That’s about it!

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