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Ask the Readers: Have you had a repeat buyer?

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I use GoDaddy Bookkeeping to track all of my expenses. It comes in handy during tax time! The thing is, it even provides some extra analytics that I didn’t even know about. I think this data is something that eBay should be tracking, but instead, I only found out after the fact through a 3rd party application.

ebay analytics

Most likely, you can’t generate pretty graphs like this on eBay!

I don’t want to turn this into eBay bashing.

For the longest time, the only way to get any data about your sales or store was to use a 3rd party application. They were clunky, were slow to update (what do you mean I have to wait 24 hours for you to generate the report?!?!), and there are still some legacy systems like this one eBay today.

eBay has made some strides though, like with their Transaction Defect Report. Let’s give them some credit for that tool which is really helpful.

Today though, I wanted to talk about GoDaddy Bookkeeping and something that popped up on my dashboard the other day! I don’t log into the service that often since it pulls all the transactions from PayPal and my credit cards automatically. Most of the time, I go in there to do cash transactions, mileage expenses, or Amazon sales (they can only pull data from the Pro merchant accounts and I don’t sell enough to shell out the $40 a month to Amazon). Otherwise, I use their tracking to do my monthly profit updates.

Repeat Customer GoDaddy Bookkeeping

Well how bout them apples!

If it weren’t for GoDaddy Bookkeeping, I’d literally have no idea that this happened. I’m only using the service to track my transactions for tax purposes. Who knew that they’d have a handy notification like this? They also have notifications for sales milestones – “You’ve hit 100 sales!”

This notifications was right on my dashboard. It turns out the buyer bought two different shirts.

Repeat Customer GoDaddy Bookkeeping2

A velour shirt and a pearl snap. I’m not going to judge.

The funny part about the whole situation was that I cut the guy a really good deal on the 2nd shirt because I’d had it in my inventory for a while (over a year). It was a nice, vintage pearl snap, but wasn’t too flashy to command high dollars.

If I had known that the buyer was a repeat, I wouldn’t have minded giving him such a good deal. A smooth transaction is worth a discount.

Instead, at the time of the sale, I was a little frustrated with the low profit (only about $14), but then again, it moved an older item.

Where can eBay improve?

Imagine that if you got an offer from a repeat buyer that a notification popped up in the offer message:

“Hey Chris, you just received an offer from a REPEAT BUYER! Maybe you can work out a deal!”

Wouldn’t you want to give the buyer a better price?

Instead, eBay gave me no information, and I ended up receiving lagging feedback from GoDaddy. It’s still great to get this information, but I would rather have known up front.

The buyer totally knew that he was buying again from me though. After I accepted, he said “thanks for taking my offer.”

Just in case Patrick ever reads this, here’s what I have to say about this.

Your welcome Patrick. I totally gave you a repeat buyer discount. /s

Have you ever had a repeat buyer? What analytics feature do you wish eBay had?

Image Credit: Marketing Land