Fashion Bug Womens Jeans 32WP

Fashion Bug Plus Sized Womens Jeans

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First, I’m still here. Sorry if I got your hopes up by not posting for a while!

Second, boy oh boy did I have a haul! I grabbed a ton of plus sized Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant pants from a local thrift store. I also have a few tips at the bottom that I’ve learned from this situation and what measurements I include in my pants eBay listings.

Fashion Bug Womens Jeans 32WP

Not only are these Fashion Bug pants big, they’re petite too! Much harder to find!

Story time:

I happened to find an awesome Grateful Dead T-Shirt that just jumped out at me (check it out at the bottom of this post). In doing so, I happened to notice a pair of new jeans with a tag on it. Quick eBay look made them worth a shot.

When I brought my pile to the register, the nice lady told me that all the Fashion Bug jeans and Lane Bryant pants were only $1 a piece, and that there was a big box of them in the corner… all at the same price. Now I had to go check them out.

eBay research was not too much help. I found a few used pair going for ~$10 so I figured what the hell and took a shot. I ended up buying 13 pair that day. 5 of them were the same type which really makes the listing go a lot quicker!

After listing them, they sold like hot cakes! I sold 4 of the original 13 in a week! One customer was even nice enough to buy 2 pair and save me about $5 on shipping since she lived so close. 🙂

Once I saw the potential here, I ended up going back to the store. The big box of pants were still there! I asked the workers about them, and they let me know that they picked them up in a storage auction. I’m guessing that a former Fashion Bug owner had just piled everything into a big box in a storage unit that they rented. She also dropped “Some guy bought a handful a few weeks ago. I’d really like to get rid of them.” I guess I have a forgettable face…

I asked them if they could cut me a deal for all of them. The guy inspects the pile intensely, and really makes me sweat it out. He comes out with a very sturdy “$20.” SOLD! Here’s the end result:

Fashion Bug Lane Bryant Pants Lot

This is what we got on the 2nd go around. The wonderful wife sorted and counted them. There were 44 pairs of pants, capris, and shorts!

Now, the negative about this whole deal is those white ones. Most of them were stained somewhere so they’re going in the trash. A few of the jeans had holes (not included in the count). All in all, I’d say that we have 50 in total in good working order (including both hauls). Hopefully the sale details will blow your mind!

  • Purchase price (total for all the pants) – $33
  • End Selling Price (total of what’s sold so far) – $159.54
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $49.64

Total Profit so far: $76.90

Now, before you say, that’s a nice return, let me point out the fact that this includes only 6 pair of the whole batch! For some nice round numbers, I’m selling everything for between $19.99 and $29.99 and free shipping. Minimally, I’ll make $10 a pair. For you math whiz’s out there that’s about $500 in PROFIT when they all sell! Now I just need to get back to listing instead of blogging… 😉

Here’s the tips from this whole experience that can hopefully help you out:


The bigger the better, especially when it comes to new clothes. This stuff is hard to find in a regular store. When you can grab it new with tags, you’re going to do well with it!

Test the waters

I’m not a women’s jeans expert, but I had a hunch that these would sell well. Once I got a few sales, I knew the rest were worth the risk!

Ask for a Deal

If you’re going to buy the whole lot – ask them if they can help you out since you’re clearing a big amount of floor space for them! This probably won’t work in a large, chain thrift store (Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, etc.). The one I got these at was more of a mom and pop one.

Fashion Bug is no longer open!

Look out for any stores which have closed. Someone who had a favorite pair of jeans is going to have to look for older jeans models on eBay, and your inventory can fill their needs!

Measurements for Pants on eBay

Here’s what I include in the listing, including the measurements I took:

New Fashion Bug Plus 32WP Womens Petite Dark Denim Boot Cut Red Triangle Jeans

Made of 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% spandex. Classic 5 pocket with zipper fly and signature metal button closure. This garment is from the Right Fit series. Moderately curvy – slightly curved from waist to hips. The jeans are brand new with tags in perfect condition with no flaws or defects.

Waist 47″ around
Hips 61″ around
Length from top of pants 43.5″
Inseam 29.5″
Rise 17″
Cuff 24″ around

Free shipping to US!
Global shipping program outside of the US.

This is a generic cut and paste that I use from a .txt file I keep on my desktop. I just fill in the info that’s needed and voila! Quick and easy listing.

Make sure to look at the whole store

The funny thing about this whole batch is that I wouldn’t have found them if I hadn’t seen this sweet Grateful Dead tie-dyed T-Shirt was jumping out at me!

1992 Grateful Dead Liquid Blue T-Shirt

Bought this T-shirt for $5 and sold it for $20.50. Total profit = $9.45; not my best but it was a quick sale!

So not only did the Grateful Dead T-Shirt turn me a profit, but it led me straight to a huge stack of $$$ in the form of some plus sized Fashion Bug pants! Win-Win!

Till next time,

-Dollar Flipper