nintendo ocarina of time collector's gold edition n64 ebay

What was the first item you sold on eBay?

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I found out the other day that my college e-mail address is going to be closed. I haven’t used it officially in years (just have e-mails forwarded from it), but originally, it was my eBay contact e-mail. I figured now would be a great time to look back and see what my first item that I sold on eBay was!

Well, last week, I divulged that I am not a “cool” kid. So, if you had to take a guess, you’d probably be right. My first sold item on eBay was a video game.

nintendo ocarina of time collector's gold edition n64 ebay

I couldn’t find my listing’s original picture. It was definitely not this cool.

When the N64 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time came out, I had saved up enough for this game with all of the birthday and allowance money. I pre-ordered it, getting the special deluxe super awesome gold edition, and my parents let me take an advance on my allowance to cover the last bit. On top of that, my mom paid the sales tax out of love (thanks mom!).

I played the crap out of the game. Beat it multiple times. It was a really great time of my life where every waking free moment was spent playing video games. Now, I look back fondly and love the fact that I actually had free time. 🙂 Kids are awesome and fun, but they require so much attention!

So, the big question came in 2010. Do I sell anything on eBay? This game was the first of many from my collection. Over time, my collection grew very large, and I knew that I didn’t have time to play any of the games. I’d buy a game nearly every time I went to Game Stop, bring it home, play for a few days/weeks (if I was lucky), and then I wouldn’t have time.

I’d get busy with school, life, or some other new shiny game. I’d walk by my TV unit and would see the stack of games that weren’t getting any love. All of this created a feeling of a backlog. Whether it’s around the house, at work, at school, or apparently even video games, a backlog can really stress you out.

Finally, I had enough. I started selling some of my games. And one of my favorites was the first to go.

I listed it on auction, and it ended up selling for $10.49 and was shipped to Canada. I remember printing out the invoice and bringing it to the post office. I paid full price on shipping! *GASP* I probably made $5 on the game after fees if I was lucky. Oof. I could sell the same game for $45 EASY now. Just goes to show you that eBay is like the stock market. You don’t know which games will go up or down in price.

Video games have been a big influence on my life. I always read a lot, but these games were like interactive books. They told stories, required strategic interaction, and were just amazing visually. I still get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I hear the music from the games from my childhood.

Hopefully, selling them will give someone else that same feeling. I get a relief that it’s out of my house and someone wanted it. At the worst, some other 30 year old is able to relive their formative years for a while until life comes smacking them in the face again.

I’ve mostly moved on from playing video games and instead fill the time with re-selling on eBay. And even though it’s different, I’m OK with it!

What was your first item you sold on eBay?

P.S. I do still buy/re-sell video games, but they’re a lot harder to come by on the cheap side. People finally realized that they have some value!

P.S.S I’m still enjoying the benefits of the #NoNoiseNovember Challenge! Feel free to follow along or let me know if you’ve tried it. Even a quiet morning or long drive without radio will make you feel refreshed!