Flavia Montelupo Italy Bitossi Cat Sculpture eBay Flip

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Italian sculptors. Cats. Damsel in distress. Intrigue. 30 seconds of eBay research. Profits.

This is the movie tag line of my flip of a Flavia Montelupo Italy cat sculpture! And yes, my wife is the damsel in distress… or more like a lady who’s pushing around a crying baby in the cart and is ready to get out of that thrift store!

I'm basically an art expert now that I've sold one cat sculpture on eBay.

I’m basically an art expert now that I’ve sold one cat sculpture on eBay – I just wear pants that aren’t as tight… or red…

Walking around the thrift store, I have two very general rules. First, go to every section in the store unless you are limited on time. There’s been so many times that I say to myself “oh, but let me swing by the electronics before I leave” or “let’s quick check out the coffee mugs!” only to find some awesome item to flip.  Second, if some item catches my eye, then I have to stop and take a look. And let’s just say, this cat was trying very hard.

Fancy Ugly Rainbow Painted Cat

Flavia Montelupo Cat Sculpture eBay

Is it me or is this cat on LSD?

Yikes. It’s not as bad as this picture makes it out to be. The cat is only about 7.5 inches long and 4.5 inches high. So that’s only about 100 square inches of ugly. I mean, seriously, look at that paint job. I think I could manage it. The sculpting itself is impressive, but the rainbow colors just aren’t to my taste.

Now, I wasn’t smart enough to find anything by searching for “ugly rainbow cat sculpture,” but there was a handy little marking on the bottom.

Flavia Montelupo Italy Hand Painted Cat eBay

Flavia is also a TERRIBLE coffee. It’s like the red-headed step-child of the pod coffee (Keurig is the model child if you were wondering).

Flavia is actually a company under the same group as Bitossi, both pottery companies that are in Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy. Apparently, you can find some combinations of Flavia, Bitossi, or both together on pottery. According to this Italian Pottery Forum, these items are all hand made and therefore the rough textures and imperfections are expected.

When I initially brought the cat home and started researching, I was a little bit worried because most on eBay were white only. Did someone paint over it? Did a 3 year old paint over it?

Nope, turns out that some of these animals are also hand painted, most likely after a night of heavy drinking.

Flavia Montelupo Italy Bitossi Owl Sculpture

Owls are really popular and collectible. The weirder Bitossi animals also sell for higher than the cat sculptures.

Bitossi ended up just reverting back to their original “Bitossi” marking in 2001, so this cat was at least over 10 years old.

Not mass produced.

Hand made




  • Purchase price – $5
  • End Selling Price – $39.99 + 11.65 Shipping = $51.60
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $12.31

Total Profit:  $34.29

So, in the end, would I ever buy this ugly painted cat for myself? Absolutely not. Would I buy it to sell to someone with a rainbow longcat? ABSOLUTELY.


Image Credit: Hermann