Vintage GE Flip Roll Alarm Clock eBay

GE Flip Roll Alarm Clock

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I found this vintage GE flip roll alarm clock at an estate sale. It was easy to test and easy to ship. I’ll keep a lookout for any of these I can get on the cheap in the future!


Vintage GE Flip Roll Alarm Clock eBay

Flipped a flip alarm clock! Hah!

Condition – Vintage!

You’ll notice the scuffs. That’s expected. It’s old – from 1970s. I sold mine towards the high end of the spectrum of used flip clocks. The ones that sell for a bit more are either new in the box (not a surprise) or ones that have a built in radio.

Pro Tip – Quick way to judge if electronics are vintage or not is by the plug – the head is smaller than ones that we’re used to. I’m not positive when they phased out the 2 prong plug, but it shows that it’s at least 25+ years old.

Testing The Alarm Clock

The testing on this alarm clock was significant. I brought out my lab coat, put on the goggles and gloves, and then I took them all off because this was so easy. (Slight exaggeration. I don’t have a lab coat anymore.)

All I had to do was plug it in. I set a timer once it flipped to a new minute to make sure it was accurate. I also tested the lights and set an alarm, and all worked well. Even though there were scuffs, the alarm clock worked. So the extra marks could add to the “vintage” style, or they could be touched up.

I’m gonna be a star!

I got contacted by a buyer who wanted to pick up the clock in my town. They were making a movie in Baltimore and were willing to drive out to my city. I let them know that I would totally do it (the story alone is worth it) and that I would put the clock in my car so I could meet up with them.

And then there was radio silence. Nothing! Whomp whomp. Maybe next time I guess.

In the end, someone from the next state up bought the clock, making shipping a breeze.

Vintage Alarm Clock Flip Details

  • Purchase price – $2
  • End Selling Price – $34.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $9.66

Total Profit:  $23.33

Perfectly “bread and butter.” Finding something that will sell for a $20 profit is really easy, and even though I’m trying to increase my average selling price all the time, these items are just hard to pass up!

I like to imagine that some hipster/artist college student is using this in their dorm room. Or maybe they used it in a vintage style photo shoot?

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  1. Awesome, I’m sure I’ve walked by a ton of these. I’ll have to keep my eyes out in the future!

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      That’s what I hope to help people with. You might only see the item’s I talk about a few times, but that’ll open your eyes to types of items that sell well and hopefully you can find something similar in the future to make a few bucks!

  2. Great flip. I keep checking all the clocks at thrifts and estate sales but no luck so far. One day…..

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      As long as you didn’t pay a lot, you’ll be fine. It happens to the best of us. Better to find out before you list it than having to deal with a return!

  3. I’m always on the lookout for these. I’ve bought one so far. You don’t see many of these. I once bought a white one that was so cool…but it doesn’t work. Hubby won’t let me redonate it and has it in his “to fix” pile. It’s been in that pile for about a year. LOL

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      I hate the “to fix” or “to clean” or “to do something” piles. Listing already takes a lot of energy, thinking about doing something else is just stressful.

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