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I’m embarrassed to say this, but up until a few weeks ago, I was still using a point and shoot camera for my eBay selling. I like to think of myself as a forward thinker. Someone who isn’t afraid to try new things. This is all well and good in my head, but when it goes to implementing that new thing, I’m like a huge boulder. I need to build up my momentum. For some reason, this change was a while in the making!

It was a good run, but the Canon PowerShot only had 8MP. Looking back, it was a perfect camera, but probably not the best option for eBay. It’s really made for things like family outings and other events where you don’t want to have a big camera on you.

This embarrasses me for a few reasons.

Smart Phones

I have two smart phones on me at all times. The first is my personal phone: the Moto X from Republic Wireless. I’ve had this thing for coming up on 2 years now and it’s only gotten better. Republic Wireless had a few hiccups to start, but their new “pay you back” option for billing is just fantastic. I’m on WiFi at home and at work, so I barely use data unless I’m traveling or out at yard sales.

My wife and I were paying $62 after taxes and now have gotten it down to $45 with the possibility of money back if we don’t use all of our data. Just unbelievable that I was paying over $120 after a 20% discount just a few years ago. I did sell our old iPhone 5’s on eBay to cover some of the upfront cost for RW. If you ever do that, just watch out for fraud. High end electronics are the most likely to have issues on eBay.

My other phone is an iPhone 6 Plus for work. Just to show how out of touch I am with the real world, I ordered it because I thought “Plus” meant better. I didn’t realize that it meant “REALLY FREAKING HUGE.” It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be since the phone is really skinny, but I probably would have ordered the regular old 6 if I could do it over again.

The point of all of this is that both of these phones, the 1st gen. Moto X and my iPhone 6 Plus have better cameras than the PowerShot. So I could have been getting better pictures using either of the phones that were on me, but instead I was using the PowerShot.

DSLR – What was I waiting for?

Onto the big change.  A few weeks ago, I decided to try out my wife’s DSLR camera.

Canon EOS 1000D Rebel XS 10.1 M Digital SLR DSLR Camera

The one negative about this camera is it can’t make me look any better.

When we bought the camera, it was on sale for somewhere around $4-500. It came with the 18-55mm lens. I hate this even more because she’s had this thing for YEARS.

I don’t know why, but I was intimidated to use it. I’d tried it out a few times taking pictures of the kids and it was easy enough, but imagining using it for eBay just didn’t sit right. I was comfortable with the point and shoot.

I guess what finally pushed me over the edge was that I had grabbed a camera from a garage sale for $10 that can re-sell for $50. I tried it out but didn’t like it over my point and shoot since the controls were a little goofy. That loosened me up a bit and let me work up the courage to try out the DSLR.

This DSLR though, why the hell did I wait so long?

I’m able to take pictures so much faster! I can manually adjust with the lens, and the auto focus works even better than the point and shoot. I can take pictures of close up logos while standing up.  As I get older, the bending over isn’t feeling any easier!

The pictures are clearer. With the PowerShot, I would use Picassa to crop and adjust the lighting on items. After using the DSLR for the first time, I didn’t even have to mess with the lighting. I just had to to a bit of cropping. Much easier.

I’m pretty pissed at myself for taking this long to make this change.

But then again, I look back at this eBay journey and I realize that we all have to start somewhere. Whether that’s printing out labels on paper at Office Max because you don’t own a printer, cutting the label and taping it onto the box in the car, or whether it’s something else, we all have issues even if we don’t see them.

The switch to the Dymo label printer has saved me a ton of time. I don’t have to cut any labels anymore, and I love it. On top of that, I don’t use as much printer ink (the paper printer one I ended up buying is not a laser).

Doing it the hard way did help me save money while I was growing my business, and it also lets me appreciate how much easier it is to sell now.

I look back and think of myself as a caveman.



I have to remember that I’m looking back with 20-20 hindsight.

In the moment, even though something isn’t working well, it’s all you know. You can’t fault yourself.

Maybe now I’ve evolved a bit and made the whole process a bit easier. Who knows what the next thing will be that will save me a ton of time or make my life easier?’

What routine/habit did you look back and say “what the hell was I thinking by doing that for so long?”

Image Credit: Sodahead

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