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Just wanted to let everyone know that I answered a bunch of questions that Rebecca had about getting started on eBay over at her blog Stapler Confessions.

Stapler Confessions

I hope she didn’t steal that red stapler from Milton!

Rebecca has some great posts ranging from frugal living tips, paying down debt, and weekly deals at Staples (some of which are free when you game their rebates system!).  I haven’t tried to source from Staples yet, but I’m keeping them in my peripheral vision for potential flips. Some of the best items with re-sale potential are the free software deals; McAfee Total Protection Anti-Virus software 2014 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 were recent examples.

Rebates like the ones offered by Staples, CVS, or Rite Aid definitely make them a viable option for sourcing new material. I’ve heard of extreme couponers who do just this. The best part about Stapler Confessions is that it’s all laid out in front of you (you won’t have to gather a bunch of circulars and root around for the matching coupons). Some stuff can even be re-sold at yard sales like pens and photo paper, and even if you aren’t planning on re-selling the items, a lot of the free ones are SUPER useful (i.e. reams of office paper or batteries).

Rebecca’s questions were from the prospective of someone just getting started out. It’s funny how much insight can be had by someone who isn’t used to the jargon/fees/system.

Hopefully Rebecca’s questions and my answers can get you over the hump of just getting started. Selling online is a little intimidating at first, but eBay has really helped by lowering the barrier to entry.

You can get in touch with Rebecca and get some great deals at Stapler Confessions, Twitter, or Facebook!

-Dollar Flipper

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      Nice! I try to get as much clothing as I can from thrift stores and garage sales. I don’t care if my co-workers think I’m crazy as long as my wife can put up with it! Getting use out of something that you got for free (or on the cheap) is a great feeling!

  1. Good post. I constantly use rebates at PetsMart and other various Dog related shoppes. I wonder if Rebecca has dogs.

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      That’s a good idea too. I’m sure there are a lot of stores where money can be made. And since it takes a little more legwork than other forms of retail arbitrage, I’m sure that there won’t be a ton of competition.

  2. I also find better quality clothing at thrift stores that I want, but will not pay retail. So now I am wearing name brand high end clothing but paid less than Walmart prices.

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      Exactly. High quality for lower prices. If I end up wearing something I thrift, it’s still money saved!

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