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Ask the Reader: Do you wear shirts from the thrift store?

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Just the other day, I was starting to purge some of my older shirts. It’s starting to get colder around here so the sweaters and long sleeve dress shirts are making their way into the rotation. If there’s any that I haven’t worn for a year, I have no problem getting rid of it. The thing is, as I looked over my dress shirts, I realized that most of them were from the thrift store!

P.S. Sorry again if you’re getting two e-mails about new posts, getting delayed e-mails from MailChimp, or didn’t get the blog post about Dungeons and Dragons books on Monday when it went up. MailChimp marked me as spam until they could get a human review. In the end, they decided that I’m definitely not spam, and I think we’ve worked out the kinks!

Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule with Monday/Thursday posts next week. We’ll see though since it’s been a really busy month. I’m really thankful that I’m doing my #NoNoiseNovember Challenge. If I were listening to a ton of podcasts on top of being super busy, I’d never get the time to plan ahead or decompress.

Even though I’m stressed a bit at work, I do work in a pretty relaxed environment. The dress code for most people on any given day is jeans and some sort of shirt with a collar. Then again, I did see a co-worker wearing this t-shirt yesterday. Really.

cafe press chemistry joke argon t shirt

Choose your own caption: This shirt makes my Legend of Zelda t-shirts look cool! OR Why isn’t anyone giving him a reaction to his joke? Must be because he’s inert!

Even though the setting is relaxed, I still like to wear “nicer” clothing. Something with a collar is all I need. The great thing about this is that I sell a lot of nice clothing!

Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, and L.L. Bean are common items on my buy list. New, these shirts are selling for $30+. Normally, I wouldn’t buy these new for myself. I’d only have these nice brands if I got them for Christmas from a family member.

Over the years though, I’ve realized that some of these shirts just aren’t worth the time to list on eBay. Many times, a collared shirt from one of these brands is just a $15 sell, especially used. The brighter patterns do sell for more, but the regular old stripes or solid shirts just don’t move quickly or for a lot of money. So if they’re my size and won’t sell for a big profit, I’ll keep them!

This is especially true when it comes to short sleeve polo shirts. I’ve basically stopped selling them on eBay since the profits are less than the long sleeve shirts. On top of that, the short sleeve polo shirts are a softer, stretchier material (mostly cotton) that is more likely to get stretched out (not very appealing to buyers). So now when I go out to buy and see the short sleeve Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, I’m looking for me and no one else. Just because I don’t have a lot of flair doesn’t mean I can’t tell the difference between a nice shirt and a $5 Old Navy polo!

Flannel in the Summer?

While on vacation this summer, there was a cold spell. It dropped from 90F down to the 50s! I hadn’t even brought a hoodie, so I ended up going to the thrift store and finding an awesome fleece lined plaid flannel by L.L. Bean.

I bought it knowing that I could probably sell it for $40+. I don’t normally wear something and then re-sell it, but this was totally worth it since it was such a sturdy shirt.

As the summer went on and the office I work in ran the A/C stronger, I realized that this flannel may not be making it onto eBay. Now that it’s fall, it’s actually in style, but the fact that I don’t have to pull a hoodie over my head just makes a big difference! Can’t mess up the do!

Side note – I can’t wait till the big construction project on the back of our building is done so the A/C has the ability to even out across the building and stop overcompensating for the big hole in the back.

Used Clothing – A Family affair

I had gotten a light fleece zip up from a garage sale for $2. It was a nice blue Columbia fleece that would be perfect for layering. It was a medium though (I wear a large). I ended up giving it to my mom so I didn’t have to walk around in a sausage suit, and she loved it. She said it was comfy and gave her a little extra comfort room compared to the tightly fitted women’s fleeces. Win-win!

These used clothes aren’t only for us adults though. Lets be honest about kids. They destroy clothing. When they’re babies, this is due to vomitting and pooping. When they’re a bit older, it’s mostly food. Once they can finally get the food in without making a total mess, they then get grass and dirt all over it! Or holes just seem to work themselves in. My daughter ripped a pair of tights the same day she wore them for the first time. When she does this to some piece of clothing that is expensive, I will not be pleased.

We definitely take advantage of the fact that young kids aren’t self conscious yet! I was able to score a ton of girls’ clothes from a garage sale, all in my daughters current and future sizes (all seasons too!). The best part is that anything that doesn’t get worn much by daughter #1 will be passed down to daughter #2! I hope she doesn’t mind that she’ll basically only wear used clothing. At least I don’t have to say “do as I say and not as I do” since I’m a thrift store bum too. 😛

I still make mistakes. Some of these made it into our garage sale, but if they’re the right size, they may end up in my (or another family member’s) closet.

Sometimes it’s a poor buying decision, but other times I have raised my standards by the time I go to list something. I’ve decided to try to stay away from something if I’m only going to make a few bucks. My time is more valuable than that. Instead, I start wearing some of those shirts that I bought and enjoy the positive comments from my co-workers! “Is that a new shirt?” “Yep!”

Depending on who it is, I might even mention that I got it from a thrift store. I think they’d be surprised if I told them that almost all of my shirts were!

Do you wear anything you buy instead of reselling it? Is there something you would never wear (it’s shoes for me)?

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  1. I had to laugh sitting here reading this in my thrifted jeans, t shirt, and shoes. I’ll thrift almost anything from the thrift except undies. i draw the line there. Most of the clothes in my closet, that I wear, are thrifted. I really should donate the others but who knows I may loose that weight, some day!!
    I once had a “discussion” with a co-worker about thrifted clothes. She turned her nose up at thrifted clothes. How could I wear something that someone else had worn.(gasp!!) My comeback was that people tried on clothes at retail stores before she purchased them so what is the difference. It’s not like I don’t wash thrift store clothes before I wear them. Thrifting means I get better brands for less money.

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      Awesome! Yeah, if someone would ‘never’ buy something used, I generally think that person doesn’t have any money. This way, I’m saving money, helping recycle, and I’m able to profit sometimes too all leading to an earlier than average retirement!

  2. Been wearing nothing but thrifted clothes for decades, and most of my friends will tell you that I’m one of the best dressed persons that they know!

    1. Nearly everything I own is thrifted including my clothes, shoes, and 90% of my house. Ridiculous to pay full price when you can find it for $4.00. I work in a hospital and you would be surprised how many scrubs I have thrifted with the tags still on. So yes, thrift clothes (and shoes, furniture, housewares, etc) rock! But I too draw the line at undies, although I just sold some men’s underwear new in package that I found at a thrift store 🙂

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        Most of our major furniture is pre-owned also. I too have some vintage underwear up on eBay. Sometimes even the used (washed) ones that are super vintage are worth a lot. The old white fruit of the looms go for a TON.

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  3. I agree with one of the commenters above. I have basically only thrifted clothes..for my whole family. And I often have friends tell me how great I look. I dress better now than I did when I paid retail prices..and I have a lot more clothes now. I heart thrift stores!

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