Men's Shoes eBay 2016

January 2016 Profits – Building Momentum

Dollar Flipper Profits

For any new readers, I (mostly) post my numbers every month. I try to keep myself grounded. If you’re interested in my older monthly update posts, check them out here.

We’re going to do something a little different than last year. For 2015, I would compare profits month to month. Now that I have a bigger data set, I’m going to compare month to month still, but across years! So read on and you’ll see January 2016 compares to January 2015.

Men's Shoes eBay 2016

I wish all of my shoes that need listing looked this good!

January 2015 vs. January 2016

Jan-15Jan-162016 YTD
Blog Referral6.000.000.00
Shipping Income24.7315.9615.96
Sales Tax Collected0.003.003.00
eBay Fees105.9863.9363.93
PayPal Fees38.9026.7526.75
Shipping Costs150.29125.94125.94
Cost of Goods Sold170.500.000.00
Travel Expenses0.000.000.00
Amazon Fees8.4111.6111.61
Office Supplies20.650.000.00
Office Expense374.940.000.00
Other Expenses0.000.000.00
Profit / Loss49.12424.87424.87

Well, how bout them apples? January 2016 is a hell of a lot better profit-wise than January 2015.

Less Stupid Expenses

In January 2015, I bought a fancy new Surface 2 RT for ease in listing last year. I enjoy it but don’t use it as much as I thought I would. It’s great for data entry, web browsing, and writing. I thought it would streamline the process of measuring and entering the info into my mega-spreadsheet, but that hasn’t happened. Live and learn. Seeing such a low profit last year really deflated my exuberance for a new year of selling, so I made sure to avoid it in 2016.

No New Inventory Purchase in January 2016!!!

This is the first time that I haven’t bought anything in a month since who knows when. As it’s getting closer to warmer weather, I want to be able to do some workouts in my garage. This is really hard to do when I have a bunch of crap in there! I’m busting through those piles. There’s only one issue.

It’s really, really boring when you’re listing things you bought the year before. And I have stuff that I haven’t listed since I moved down here nearly two years ago!!! *sigh*

Average Profit per Item

I sold 24 items in January 2016. Using the $424.87 profit, that leads to $17.70 per item. Not great, but not terrible. My average sale was $31.53, and there were two things bringing this down:

  • Small items on Amazon – I listed a bunch of my video game collection in a moment of panic. I was very close to the Beeminder goal and needed something easy to list. Goodbye, video games! (Don’t worry, I didn’t sell all of them.) 4 of these sales on Amazon were under $4. I won’t go lower than $2.99 with the $3.99 shipping on Amazon. It’s just so easy to list that I don’t mind taking the 1 minute to only make a few dollars. Especially when it’s something that I’m getting out of my house and haven’t used in forever.
  • Returns – One was from a shirt that was “too faded” even though it looked just like the pictures. The second was from the jacket from my PayPal dispute – which I won… sort of.

Overall, this isn’t a terrible start to the year. I need to do some more and the hardest part is to just stick with listing what I already have. I think the fact that I do this alone makes it tough. I have a few items which are awesome (fancy shoes and vintage Canon camera), but I need to clean them up. To get those items on eBay, I need to spend valuable time to get them into good shape, and that’s something I’m short on. So they go into the “need a bit of work” pile. Hopefully, that doesn’t grow too big!

Hey, let’s look at the bright side. I’m having a better start to the year profit-wise, so hopefully I can keep this up!

How were your January 2016 sales? Any better than last years?

Image Credit: Menswear Market