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Manga – More books for eBay Re-selling

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Let’s continue on this geek train with Japanese manga! We’ve talked about Dungeons and Dragons, video games (and actually that wasn’t my first time talking about video game re-sells), board games, and dorky clothing. Now we’re going to talk about some more books!

So surprise surprise, I wasn’t only into D&D, video games, and board games. I also read manga. Now, for anyone who isn’t involved in this cool crowd, manga is a form of comic book. It’s generally from Japan and translated into English. They are smaller, more sturdy books  (than comic books) and mostly read from right to left. If you ever see an anime on TV (think Dragon Ball Z), just remember that it was most likely based on a manga book series.

And for anyone who thinks that they are too much of an adult to watch these “kid” shows, check out one of these two movies:

  • Spirited Away (dubbed into English and produced by Disney, Pixar’s John Lasseter, ended up winning a 2003 Oscar for best-animated feature)
  • Grave of Fireflies – This one is heart wrenching. You’ll be in tears.

Back to the Manga

When I was out at a garage sale, a lady had a whole shelf of manga including two large series. I told her I’d take the lot, and she offered it to me for $20. Similar to the D&D post, I love manga since they are books, and people are willing to sell them for pennies on the dollar.

She was thrilled that I would buy them all since they do take up a good amount of space. She said that these books were the only way that she could get her kids to read and seemed ashamed. I told her that was awesome and that I loved reading them when I was younger too! She seemed to feel a bit better after that.

The books I bought at that first sale still haven’t sold, but I have one set up for $119.99 and the other for $199.99 both with free shipping. I’m in no rush, and they both have a lot of watchers.

It’s hard to say how much each lot will sell for. For example, both of the large lots above are sets of 23, but they don’t sell for the same amount. eBay’s completed listings market will have to guide you.

In general, my attack plan for manga is to look for any sets that have more than 5. They are numbered and getting 1-X is a good way to create interest. Someone’s going to want to read that series but might not want to shell out the $15 per book buying them new.

Pandora Hearts Manga Lot eBay

They’re usually numbered on the front and on the spine. Make sure to check for any writing or folded pages!

Once I get home, I’ll break everything out into sets. Sometimes, there are sets of 2 or 3 that will still sell for $20+. I’ll list these too even though they’re near the bottom of my re-sell threshold. I do not mind getting rid of a big pile of the “not so good” books. Don’t be afraid to let go of any mistake buys or leftovers.

One of the sets that I got even had a bunch of price stickers on them. I just used a black sharpie marker and covered the prices. I made sure to include this information on my listing.

Chibi Vampire Manga Set eBay

Someone who wants to read (and not just collect) won’t care if there’s a sticker on the book.

For the flip details, I’m going to include 3 sales that came from one purchase.

  • Purchase price – $45
  • End Selling Price – $39.99 (Chibi Vampire set of 7) + $24.99 (Saman King set of 6) + $149.99 (Pandora Hearts set of 16)= $214.97
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $40.64

Total Profit (so far):  $129.33

So, in this case, I probably overpaid a bit. People try to charge at least $1 a book. From this purchase, I still have 3 more listings up for ~$19.99-$24.99. This will make the deal even sweeter.

Definitely keep an eye out for manga. I find that these are easier to come by than video games nowadays so I’m always looking for it!