Jetpack is Blasting Off! Moving Onto MailChimp.

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OK, first things first, you may receive this post twice depending on if you subscribed through WordPress or with you’re e-mail. In the future, I’m going to do e-mail subscription only.

What I need from you:

If you received two e-mails, please unsubscribe from the WordPress generated e-mail. That e-mail looks like this:

Wordpress New Post e-mail

The plan is to not have garbled code in future e-mails! Doesn’t that sound great?

If you only received one e-mail, that means that you subscribed to my blog with while logged into WordPress. If you could unsubscribe and re-subscribe at my website that would be awesome! I’ll give you 1000 internet points if you do! (not redeemable for anything at all)

There’s no way for me to manually delete any users in native WordPress (one of the reasons I’m getting rid of it).

This will be a one time thing!I’ve implemented a new theme on the blog. It’s prettier, and lets me put in some really cool features. It’s called X Theme. For $66 after all the taxes, that’s a steal. Most of the other themes are more expensive than that.

I’m really excited about my monthly profits post next month. I was able to create a template for profit update posts and it’s pretty slick, although the actual profits themselves might not be…

For any of the non-technical folk, we’ll be back to our regular programming on Monday with another Flip. I promise.

For anyone who’s interested in why I’m ditching Jetpack and switching to MailChimp, read on!

After making the jump to this fancy new theme, I found an issue with the generic Jetpack subscription. It’s nice for new bloggers, but it doesn’t provide any options. You can download your subscriber list, but it breaks your subscribers into two groups: one is subscribers who are logged into WordPress and the other is ones who signed up with e-mail. There’s no way combine these, and you can only export the e-mail list.

So, the benefit about MailChimp is that it sends your RSS update. Basically, it grabs your post after it’s been sent out to the web. The Word Press one grabs it in between, but doesn’t process all of the short codes. Short codes are little things that you can put in brackets in your posts that plugins can interpret. The theme I’m using works with Cornerstone which uses these. WordPress sees the short code and converts it to regular text instead of translating it into cool things (or even the regular things like images and paragraphs).

It would make my purchase worthless! And that’s the thing, I was sick of a lot of the issues with my other theme so  made the move.

Good: MailChimp let’s me do a TON with customization.

Bad: I have to customize it. That’s a bunch of work. I feel like I’m a caveman again (I’m going to milk this picture as much as I can!)



Well, I planned ahead and did a lot of the work today. I had the day off since my wife was going back to work and we didn’t want to pay for the extra daycare for just one day. I brought the baby to to a coffee shop, and she slept and let me work!

It was fun, I learned a lot about e-mail lists, RSS feeds, and come CSS coding.  I felt like a hacker.

So, hopefully this all works. In the mean time, I’d ask that you bear with me a bit and soon it’ll be off to bigger and better things with this blog! Or at least bigger and better flips. 🙂

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  1. How about people like me who subscribe in a RSS feeder. I don’t get emails. LOL 🙂

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