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L.L. Bean – eBay Clothing Series #4

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Day #4 of my clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge. I’m beginning to regret this because of the stuff going on this week. If I keep going down this road, I’ll break my no whining policy on the blog.

I’m going stick with it. Just be prepared for my quality to take a hit – this is quantity over quality week at Flipping a Dollar! Here are links to the previous posts in the series so far: #1, #2, and #3.

With post #4 in this series, we’re going to discuss an American classic brand, L.L. Bean.


L.L. Bean is a northeast American company started by Leon Leonwood Bean (that poor kid overcame some name adversity) in 1912. It’s known for it’s rugged outdoor wear. This stuff is made to last.

For example, here’s an article about how the L.L. Bean factories can’t keep up with the demand on their duck boots.

Be wary though, you won’t want to go out and buy anything with the L.L Bean name on it.

It’s not all good!

For a change, we’ll start with what to avoid:


I made a mistake early on by grabbing a bunch of St. John’s Bay and L.L Bean flannels in a fill a bag sale. I still made a profit that day, but it was when I was just starting out with clothes and didn’t know any better. Now, I’d be able to parse through them a lot quicker without the lesson of low profits!

L.L. Bean Flannel eBay

If it were a large, I would have at least kept it for myself.

There’s just not a lot of profit in them. I might get them if I could get ~5 in a lot for really cheap.


Heavy/fleece lined flannels will sell for $30+. Pick those up!

Exercise gear

I sold a ladies shirt for $20. I don’t think I paid more than $1 for it from a garage sale, but again, it’s not in my target margin area. Again, it might be worth your while if you could get a lot of 3 or 4 workout shirts to lot together.

L.L. Bean – The items to look for


I already talked about how the new duck boots are backlogged, but this provides a market opportunity for eBay resellers. Some college student can settle for a used pair to fit in with the hip crowd. I won’t lose sleep over helping someone be cool!

These vintage boots sell for $40 plus S/H on a regular basis. Just make sure to check the sole and interior for any signs of major wear.

100% Wool Sweaters

I will sell these all day. Assuming they’re in good condition, they’re basically a $30 sweater at a minimum.

This is a sweater I currently have listed for $39.99 and will accept a B/O automatically at $35 (3 watchers after having listed it this week). I bought it for $2.50!

L.L. Bean Sweater Made in Scotland eBay

The tag actually says made in Scotland. Who took this crappy picture which cuts off the country anyways?

“Cool” Patterns

I think I’m beginning to repeat myself here with each post, but this Aztec pattern sweater sold for $40! We all know that I love my Aztec sweaters!

L.L. Bean Aztec Wool Sweater

It looks like something Bill Cosby would wear in Arizona…

Big and Tall Sizes

Anything above an XL will sell at a premium. This fleece wasn’t only XXL, it was also Tall! The bigger the better! Plus it was made in the USA! Win-win-win!

XXLT LL Bean Fleece eBay

Clothing resellers on eBay are directly benefiting from the obesity epidemic. But hey, at least the buyers are getting clothes that fit and is better made than the Walmart crap!

So, there you have it. I try to stick to the vintage L.L Bean items as a really lose rule of thumb, and I find the brand more in the sweater section.

As warmer weather is around the corner, you may be able to grab some great sales on the winter stuff at your local thrift stores! Take advantage of it if you can.

Final tip

When listing L.L. Bean, I don’t include the “.” after either L unless I don’t have any extra keywords. It just looks like LL Bean. This gives me 2 additional characters in my listing, and the eBay search algorithm (mostly) ignores the periods anyways. If you try it out and search for both, you’ll find a few thousand more results when the periods are included, but when you’re looking at ~30,000 results, the few thousand probably doesn’t really matter.

Tomorrow we’ll have post #5 in my 7 day clothing series. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. Does punctuation affect a buyer’s search? If someone searches for L.L. Bean will LL Bean come up?

    (I’m actually about to list some Lands End shirts, and not sure if I should go with the apostrophe they put in or not. I’m also not sure if I should list them singularly or in lots; they are just a regular polo of mine, so I can’t imagine they sell for more than a few bucks each. Do you have a recommendation there?)

    1. Post

      For your shirts, I’d definitely lot them together. Here’s a completed listings search. Depdning on how many, you could get $30+ pretty easily if you’re selling a bunch of them.

      As to the punctuation, it slightly affects the buyers search. I just did a few searches using each of the following and had the total results included:

      For L.L. Bean:
      LL Bean – 28,499
      L.L. Bean – 31,121

      For Land’s End:
      Lands End – 35,682
      Land’s End – 42,295
      Lands’ End – 35,682

      So, again, it slightly impacts searches negatively. I would say that you can include it if you have the room!

  2. I haven’t been able to find any yet myself, but I’ve heard that the vintage LL Bean items with the cursive label do very well, too.

    1. Post

      That’s another great point. Here’s a completed listing search. I haven’t found any either so I’d completely forgotten about them!

  3. Another great post Chris. Wow, you’re on a roll! I know that 100% wool sweaters sell well, but every time I see one, my skin starts to itch. I am really sensitive and can’t have that stuff anywhere near my skin.

    “The post L.L. Bean – eBay Clothing Series #4 appeared first on Flipping A Dollar.” I see this on a lot of blogs. Why do people do this? I’m dying to know.

    1. Post

      I also don’t like the wool sweaters. They are very itchy, but man some people love them! I think they’re natural wicking helps when you’re out working and sweating. Who knows.

      As to the second part, I found out! I (lightly) use an SEO plugin by Yoast. Basically I like it for reminding me to put in the Google blurb. I think it’s a default setting. I hadn’t even known it was showing up anywhere! Thanks for letting me know.

      1. Ahh, I just noticed that it doesn’t show up on your page, but it does show up in my rss feed reader (I use CommaFeed). So that’s what it is. I couldn’t figure out why. Thanks for enlightening me.!

  4. Thank you I sell primarily clothes and am really enjoying your tips!

    1. Post

      Clothes are just so easy on the back-end and really let you streamline the whole process. Glad to see someone else out there who’s also doing well in clothes!

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  9. Hi really like your blog. I’ve had some good luck with regular LL Bean shirts like the wrinkle resistant as an example.

    1. Post

      That’s awesome! If they’re a size L, I’ll usually keep them for myself to wear at work. 🙂

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