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Life Changing Events and eBay

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Back in September 2015, we added a new member to the Flipper household. Talk about life changing!

Any life event (buying a house, getting married, having a child) is going to affect your day-to-day life, and for me, eBay was also impacted. I’ve given it some time (baby is almost 5 months now!), and now I’m looking at ways to handle some of this additional stress while still improving in other areas.

Reselling on eBay might be the best hobby, but one thing I missed back then was how flexible eBay can be. If you’ve put in the listing work, you can take a break on the front end (no new listings), and the back end still has sales. You may see a slow down, but hearing that Cha-Ching when you haven’t listed in a few weeks is still a great feeling.

Life – Constantly Struggling to Obtain “Normal”

It’s taken a few months to get into “flow” with the extra kid, but I’m starting to figure it out. I’m not going to lie. It’s a daily struggle. I still try to photograph/list in the early AM, but I’ve had to start doing some at night (after the girls are asleep) if I’m not hitting my goal. So I’m keeping up, but barely, and that’s making me want to throw some stuff out the window.

Last month’s income wasn’t fantastic, and I’m completely OK with that. Just last week, I thought it would be a good time to really push through some of the items, get them listed, and go toward new heights in the profit realm!

Then I played volleyball last week for the first time since baby #2 was born, and it was rough. I played well, but it showed me how much my fitness has declined.

I want to get some more workouts in. I have a fancy weight set now, and I want to use it. Volleyball can be my cardio for the week. But that’s the thing.

Something's Gotta Give eBay Time Sony Life

Don’t worry, I’ve never watched this movie. The title just fit!

Where am I going to find time in my schedule? Something has to be removed.

Things I’m not willing to do to achieve this elusive fitness:

  • Stay up late – I HATE WORKING OUT AT NIGHT! I have to shower again, I have adrenaline, and I have trouble falling asleep. Wednesday nights are already rough enough with volleyball. I don’t want to do more of that!
  • Ignoring the kids – I don’t want my kids to have the impression that I’m choosing things over them.
  • Lose more sleep – the baby does a good enough job at making me lose sleep. I need what precious peace I can get my hands on!

Last year, I did a couple months of the 5×5 Strong Lift program with great results, but I’m not going to commit to three times a week. Instead, I’m leaning towards lifting Monday/Sunday mornings with volleyball as the weekly cardio.

So where does eBay fit into this picture? Morning time is eBay time. I don’t think I’m going to be able to list easily if I’m working out too.

Long story short, I’m thinking about dropping my listing per week goal. This is a tough decision because I’m finally seeing some progress in the piles since I didn’t buy anything last month.

Some of the readers mentioned “micro” goals (e.g. list 10 items this weekend). These never worked for me since I just pushed other things to the front of the “important” to do list. Beeminder has kept me on track, but

The other option is the nuclear option – continue as I have been but lose at least one day of listing in the morning. Maybe I can do this for a week or two as a trial first? I’m hesitant to give any slack. I thrive on slack and push till the due date. Serial procrastinator here.

We’ll see how this goes. We’ll look back in March and see if I can keep up with the additional workouts on top of the same listing and the baby and volleyball. Oh and the blog and the rest of the family. At least it’s not warm out yet. I’m not doing any yard work (other than shoveling).

If you can tell, I’m really on the fence here. I can’t decide whether or not I should re-focus some of my time towards other things. I want to have my cake and eat it too!

How d0 you fit eBay into your life? How do you roll with life’s punches (even if they are self-inflicted)? Which do you think I should do – lower the goal or stop whining and keep chugging along?

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  2. Wow Chris. I do think you should drop your ebay weekly listings goal. You guys are doing so great. You have a great guys are saving over 50% of your income as is? How lucrative is ebay for you? Not really. Is the extra income from ebay more important to you than your fitness? If it is, don’t drop your listing goal. If it aint, drop the goal and focus on your listings. One thing I have to mention is that your kids are still little. You may feel that they will think you’re choosing other things over them? They won’t. My kids are much older…almost 17. 14 and 10. And they really don’t remember much of the daily routines of growing up. What they remember most are certain experiences and traditions/routines from their childhood, not that mom/dad missed spending a couple of days with them in the evening. I think we guilt ourselves a lot over unnecessary things…and society puts pressures on us too. When we had our first son, hubby and I owned an apartment building and it seems like the first 6 months of my son’s life he spent most of his time renovating the apartments. He felt really bad about not spending a lot of time with out son and because of it, we decided to sell the building to spend more time with our family. That is one regret that we have today. It did take away some time from our family…but it isn’t anything the kids remember and that building would have been paid off about now and we would have had a nice chunk of extra change coming in every month. Just wanted to share that with you.

    1. Post

      Well, I really do enjoy eBay and finding gems. I also love the extra money. We’re able to prepare for bigger issues around our house and plan improvements while still being able to save money.

      Your comment on your own experience is eye opening. I think about previous generations and the lack of interactions with their children and I’m worrying that my generation has gone in the completely opposite direction. Too over the top.

      I like keeping eBay in my back pocket since although it’s not enough to live on, it’s definitely important in the “prepare for the worst” scenario. Or if I ever become a stay at home dad!

  3. The first year of a baby’s life is very demanding. As they become independent so to can you. Relax, enjoy this stage of life. You can do just enough to keep your foot in the door and then up the listing and sales for 4th quarter sales. Go yardsaling for 2 hrs on Saturdays and get great inexpensive high resale items to list in September. Bonding and intergrating the new baby into the family schedule is most important. Low stress and lots of love are most important now. Today I got a Lego new in box sealed toy for $1 that sells for $42. Last week, free Linksys router sealed (59.99) and $1 for a digital picture frame selling for 39.99. Just do enough to keep yourself sharp and comfortable for restarting your bigger goals.

    1. Post

      Those are some great items that you got! You’re definitely right. It’s hard to justify toiling away on my computer for the blog or for eBay when I have an adorable baby or 3 year old sitting in my face. What’s the point of all of this if I’m missing that quality time?

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