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Maniac Monday Recap – Items Everywhere!

Dollar Flipper Blog Update

Yesterday, I took off from my 9-5 job for a little stay-cation. I planned a Maniac Monday where I would go crazy listing and prepping items all day.

The plan was this:

  • Drop daughter off at daycare. She went in very easy and was excited to be wearing her Tinkerbell clip.
  • Drop package off at the post office (Amazon sale). Box barely fit in the Mylar bag but I was able to jam it in and tape it together. Just dropped it in the box at the post office right before 8AM. They have a HUGE drop box that most of my bigger items can fit in.
  • Go to the gym. Deadlift x5 – Got to 325 lbs. This is lower than my PR from 2013 by 30lbs, but then again, I haven’t been lifting regularly!
  • List remaining items that have already been photographed (12). There were actually 14! So that’s good. All listed but it took me a little longer than I thought it would. I finished this listing at about 1030AM. At this point, I took a break and ate lunch.
  • Grab a huge pile to sort through and list until I have to pick my daughter up from daycare. Here’s where my plan broke down a bit.

So what did I learn from my Maniac Monday?

Add in some wiggle room

It seriously took me from 1130 to 420 to handle all of these 50 items. In reality, I put my hands on way more than 50 items. At least 20 items had flaws like bad stitching or a stain. These suck and really take the wind out of your sails. It’s good to get it out of the house (donating them to a homeless shelter on the way home today), but that’s still wasted money and time!

It takes a good amount of time to research each item and take some preliminary notes.  For clothing, I include a description, size tag, material, country it was made in, and condition notes. I take measurements later when I photograph. There’s going to be hiccups along the way. Expect some delays.

Use unscented laundry detergent!

There was a blanket and a vintage Wu Wear sweatshirt that both had a funk. I threw these in the wash and felt lazy so I used a Tide pod. Holy moly. These little suckers have a really strong smell. I’m airing out the blanket so our entire upstairs smells like a flower shop. Or a grandma who wears too much perfume.

Crazy Frickin eBay Lady

How could I not re-use this picture?

Have everything you need in front of you

I used my 4.5 Inch Knife Edge Thread Nippers all day. I also used a staple remover since some thrift stores love their double staples. Other than that, I just blasted some music over Pandora.

Plan but don’t go too crazy.

I could not find any more of the clear plastic 12″x15″ bags that I use to store my items until they sell. I spent at least a half hour trying to find these. I ended up ordering some more. Turns out that I’d ordered some in November but have used them all up!

Ended up a moot point since I never photographed anything. Time wasted when it could have been better spent. This also means that I’ll have to do some reprocessing once the bags arrive.

End Results

To re-cap, I did not photograph the 50 items like I’d hoped to. I only prepped 50 items.

50 Items Prepped for Photographing eBay


Even though it just looks like 50 items smooshed into a bookcase, it’s really 50 items smooshed into a bookcase with a retail value of $1500-2000!

If you haven’t realized this yet, my operation is not glamorous. I’m still happy with the progress I made. A lot of inventory was moved yesterday.

Weird note: I’ve been avoiding any non-clothing items for some reason. The two awesome 1910-1920 Oregon Agricultural year books were the only things that weren’t clothing. I guess it’s just easier to get into a rhythm when you’re working with the same types of items. I think my next targets will be shoes. I have a lot of them and want to stop avoiding them!

Did it work?

I’d say yes. I have items ready for me to photograph through the rest of the week. I’m going to play it by ear but would love to have the 50 items photographed by the end of the week so I can list them all each morning.

I’m always fascinated about others’ tips for streamlining their listing. Please let me know if you see a glaring issue in my methods or if you have some awesome tool that lets you blow through a big pile! And should I have used Manic instead of Maniac?

Image Credit: Orin Zebest