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March 2015 Profits – Still not Great.

Dollar Flipper Profits

Well, we’ve finished out the 1st quarter.

Let’s just say that the shareholders aren’t too happy. Last month’s profits weren’t stellar, and those shareholders don’t want to just see profits. They need growth! At this rate, I might even get fired!

March Profits by the Numbers

Feb-15 Mar-15Total
Blog Referral0.00 27.7127.71
Sales928.27 836.422,740.30
Shipping Income38.12 92.59155.44
eBay Fees98.3392.93298.46
PayPal Fees30.1430.9299.96
Shipping Costs121.96147.36419.61
Cost of Goods Sold14.1270.69255.31
Amazon Fees15.4313.6937.53
Office Supplies0.0058.3779.02
Office Expense0.000.00374.94
Other Expenses23.750.0023.75
Profit / Loss572.65387.34982.54

So, less money than last month. Ruh-roh.

Now, let’s put this all in perspective.

I’ve made almost a grand in 3 months selling part time in eBay. This is on top of any regular 9-5 work (where I don’t get any overtime). So, that’s 1k that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. With this money, we’re able to throw some extra dough at the mortgage while still saving towards replacing our ancient appliances. It gives me a lot of satisfaction that we’re able to save the extra dough.

But then there’s the lingering “you could do better” feeling. It’s annoying, and it will pass. I guess there’s a fine line between Debbie Downer and shoot for the moon.

Let’s look at the major expenses from last month to see where I went wrong:


This one sucks. $85 down the drain. The first was a full refund (Fashion Bug Jeans that had a broken zipper – the first out of 50 with an issue) and the other was a Brooks Brothers blazer due to fit (buyer paid return shipping). I don’t have a lot of returns, but it’s still part of the game. I’ve also learned that it’s not worth it to fight a buyer on a return. For example, with the Brooks Brother blazer, it was hassle free, and I got it back. It’s re-listed and has watchers!

Mileage and Cost of Goods Sold

So if you haven’t heard, it’s getting warm again! Garage sales are some of my favorite spots to score great deals. I’ve started deducting my mileage (tracking with Go Daddy Bookkeeping), and it really adds up. I bought some good stuff at garage sales, and we also hit up a Goodwill for clothing shopping for myself. I bought two t-shirts and about 6 other shirts (limited to the half off items).

To minimize this expense, I’m going to try to limit what sales I go to. I’m going to be looking for community yard sales (there’s a ton of town homes around here). That way, I’ll get the most bang for my buck!

Office Supplies

I was all out of my favorite clear poly bags. Ordered a big set of them and am back in business! Still sucks to see $50 of profit fly out the window, but at least I’ll be able to deduct it. :-/

Beeminding Towards Results

Beeminder bee hive profits ebay honeycomb

I’m that bee in the back that’s getting trampled by all the other bees who are selling a lot more.

I mentioned Beeminder a few times. It’s the tool I’m using to make sure that I’m listing consistently and is meant to keep me on track even when my profits aren’t hitting my goal.

When I started tracking using Beeminder, I was really ahead of the game. I listed some 30-50+ items very quickly so I had a really nice buffer.

Now that I’ve eaten away through that, I’m starting to feel the stings. Even though I had my Maniac Monday, I didn’t actually list a lot of the prepped items that day. I’ve been slogging through those items now, taking photos of them, and getting ready to list.

This coming weekend will be a true test because we’ll be traveling so I need to do one of two things:

1. List a ton to get ahead.

2. Photograph a ton so I can list over the weekend even though we’re traveling.

Option 2 is the lazier one, and honestly, I’m more worried about the next week! I love to use my daughter’s nap times during the weekends to get a bunch of items moving, but that all gets thrown into flux when we’re not at home.

I’m gonna be riding by the seat of my pants until I get a big chunk listed!

In the end, I’m not worried about this. As I mentioned earlier, I’m still enjoying this hobby and making money.

On top of that, I just got a ton of free stuff from work! We’re all downsizing from cubicles to an open work space. What that means is that I get to pick through everyone’s extra stuff! I already got one book and sold it on Amazon within 1 day for a $60+ profit!

Make sure to be on the lookout for the free stuff. You can make a lot of money!

Hopefully next month will be a little fatter in the profit section (like I feel after all the ham and kielbasa…), and I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Enjoy the weather and feel free to share any garage sale finds or tips!

Image Credit: Pixabay