New Bright USS Kitty Hawk RC Plane

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This should be a quick one today. Two main points:

  • eBay makes no sense.
  • List that item quickly for maximum profits!

I bought this pretty bad-ass remote control fighter jet made by New Bright at a garage sale.

New Bright USS Kitty Hawk Fighter Jet

This sucker was BIG – almost 2 feet long!

New Bright RCs

New Bright (WARNING – OBNOXIOUS MUSIC ON NEW BRIGHT’S WEBSITE!) makes a lot of RC units which are cooler than the one I bought, move better, and have wireless controls.

New Bright RC Completed Listings

New in the box is the way to go!

When I bought this plane, I saw that there were some really high sales of this exact model so I figured I’d take a shot.

Boy did I luck out! We’ll start out with the details of the eBay sale:

  • Purchase price – $5.00
  • End Selling Price – $189.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $45.00

Total Profit:  $139.99
Available Cash to go out and buy more: $144.99

HOLY COW! I was like a giddy school boy. Right when I listed mine, 2 other similar models showed up on eBay. One wasn’t working as well, and the other one was just an auction. I chose to have an auction starting at $99 with a Buy It Now option of $189.99. It sold quickly without anyone bidding on it.

Minimize Your Risk

The lesson here is that eBay is like the stock market. There’s ways to lower your risk -buy low, buy in bulk, etc., but in the end, you really don’t know what something’s going to sell for.  I lucked out on this flip!

Let’s do a little research and see if the New Bright USS Kitty Hawk plane is selling any better now..

New Bright USS Kitty Hawk Recent Sold

I hit the jackpot.  This dude barely came out even… (the hand-written $15 is the best offer that was accepted)

That’s a total of ~$36.  WTF? Shipping alone on my sale was $20.  So you’d still double your money with a $10 profit, but how would you live with the disappointment?

List ASAP!

Here’s where I’d like to hammer home my 2nd point.  If you think you have a slam dunk item because you found some recently sold listings that were top dollar, list yours quickly! Your best bet is to find someone who missed out on those recent sales and does not want to end up empty handed again.

-Dollar Flipper

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      Thanks! I wish they could all bring in this much profit though!

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  4. I have One to sell but i’m from Portugal, so the shipping cost Will be a little “Over the top”

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