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No Noise November Challenge

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Last year, for a whole month, I decided to remove some of the noise around me.

I didn’t listen to the radio in the car (that’s CDs, radio, podcast, or Pandora). I didn’t listen to any audio books or podcasts around the house. I’m a podcast addict, and I also like audio books, so this was very challenging for me.

After the month, I loved it so much, that I decided to do it for another month and a half!

This November, I’m bringing it back, and I’d love it if you’d join in the fun with me.I found the benefits to be profound. I had a lot more head space. I was able to focus on the present and not cramming my head with tons of new things on top of the pinball machine that’s running day in and day out. Those multi-balls are fun in the arcade but not in your own head.


In the game of life and pinball, the balls will always end up in the gutter no matter how hard you try beating them back.

In the past, I’ve tried some things to clear my mind a bit that didn’t work.

I tried meditating using the Headspace app, and when I did it it was awesome. The thing is, after a few days of using this app, I felt more stressed. I was adding one more thing into the fold. I felt like I had to find this magical time where I could be peaceful.

On top of my regular busy day. It did not work well.

I’ve done This is more of a love/hate since I just don’t put in the time for it very consistently. I really feel better when I do this, and I’d say I’m at about 50% for most months. That’s still pretty good, but again, it’s a borderline habit. I guess it’s stuck but still has room for improvement.

I’ve done some weight lifting too, and again, feel great when it’s regular. It’s hard to do this every day and has fallen by the wayside since the baby came.

I feel great when I’m running consistently too. I refuse to listen to any music when running (maybe this is where I got the idea for no noise November), and it’s always a bit meditative.

In general, I’m on a bit of a minimalism kick now, even though I haven’t been getting rid of many physical things. I’ve been listening to every Slow Your Home podcast when it comes out and love it. Listening to the struggles of others who are just trying to calm their life down a bit really encourages you to do the same. It’s not easy for anyone and that’s why everyone has issues with it.

So where does all of this lead and why do I think you should shut your radio off?

You don’t know what quiet is until you cut out the noise.

This quiet time can be used a ton of different ways. You will be in the moment so much more.

Instead of feeling rushed in the morning, you’ll find that time just seems to move a bit slower when you aren’t half engaged in 2 different things. For me, that’s cooking, eating, and cleaning up after my breakfast. But normally, I have some audio playing.

During this challenge, I’ll just be paying attention to my actions, like when I’m washing the pan that I cooked my eggs in.

I’ll actually be able to think about and plan my whole day. The work day, the time when I get home, what I’m going to do for the weekend. All of it can be thought about without also thinking about new things…

You’re always thinking about this stuff anyways, but now imagine you throw on a bunch of new information non-stop. Podcasts and audio books cause my mind to go racing. I end up thinking about new possibilities, new techniques to try out, new ways to deal with my children. On top of my trying to stay afloat with everyday life.

So, I’ll be here, nice and quiet during November and I’d love you to join me.

Can you go without noise?


There will be a bit of struggle, especially in the first couple of weeks.

For me, this was hardest at work since we have moved to an open floor plan. Normally, I’d plop my headphones on to avoid distractions. Instead, I’ll have to go to one of the breakout/meeting rooms if I’m having trouble focusing.


The Thanksgiving Holiday drive.

For my family last year, it was over just over an hour each way. This year it’ll be 3+. This time is precious. In that small amount of time, my wife and I talked about where we were headed as a family, decided that we really wanted baby # 2, and talked about what was working and what wasn’t.

I can’t imagine what we’ll talk about this year!


You don’t realize how much you’re being bombarded with advertising until you remove some of it. There’s that void that’s normally filled with it, and instead, there’s just a sweet quietness. Once again, you don’t realize how bad it is until it’s gone.

Call to Action

Shhhh Cavalier Librarian No Noise November

You don’t have to wear the hat.

Lets have some fun with this. I’ve never asked anything like this, but I’d love it if you shared the challenge on Twitter/Facebook if you’re into it!

I’ll even try a few of those hashtag things!

#NoNoiseNovember #Shhhh

I’ll post on my Twitter and Facebook feeds with links to the daily updates and hope anyone else will join in with comments on the daily journal.

What does this have to do with reselling?

If you’re not on the ball with life, why the hell even do this reselling thing? You’re only going to live once, and sometimes you need to take a step back and clean things up. You’re mind is always racing and that’s not good.

If you don’t believe me, go out for a run and try to run as fast as you can. You won’t last long. Our brain isn’t exactly like our lungs, but you still need a break once in a while!

Maybe when you’re out buying, you’ll be a little more focused and won’t be making mistakes by wearing your Thrifter’s Goggles since you’ll be so in the moment!

P.S. To my main podcasts (NPR’s Planet Money, Slow Your Home, Scavenger Life, and eCommerce Momentum), sorry, but I’ll catch up in December!

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  1. We cut cable a few years back, and now just have this expensive electronic hanging on our wall. Once we shut it off we realized how much life time we earned back. I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful Grandmother who taught me the importance of a quiet mind with no thought & the power of meditation. The whole idea of no audio books or motivational speeches would be hard for me. I think it is all about the quality of input. I think perhaps I’ll just stick with the no shave November for now :-).

    1. Post

      I felt the same way, but then I realized that I had listened to 3 or 4 motivational/inspirational/productivity books in a few months and that there was just too much. I never stopped to implement one, it was always going onto the next one. Taking a month to re-evaluate what’s working/not working just made everything seem better! It was like I was Neo when he was unplugged from the Matrix.

    2. My wife hates no shave November…. or maybe she just hates it because I follow it up with Decembeard….

      I don’t think I could give up my podcasts. They help me make it through my day at work and I get to learn some new things while combing through spreadsheets.

      1. Post

        That sounds like an addiction to me! 😉 I had to pull back a bit. I had too many podcasts to listen to and not enough time. This really gives me the ability to bring them back in slowly in December and pick and choose the ones that I enjoy and get a lot out of instead of just the ones that I didn’t’ want to stop listening to because I’d been listening for a while. Sunk cost fallacy at it’s best and I haven’t even put any money into the podcasts!

  2. Such an excellent idea to remove the noise. Sometimes we just need to think only about ourselves, not what else is going on.

    1. Post

      Exactly. We’re bombarded with crap all of the time and have trouble adding new things to make ourselves calm down. It’s addition by subtraction!

        1. Post

          I love Louis C.K. Totally spot on. We instituted a no electronics Thursday night for exactly these reasons. Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. I’m huge into audio books, but I did the same thing this year over the summer. No radio or audio books…just the scavenger life podcast. LOL I needed a break. But for me, I took almost an entire 2.5 mos off from most noise. No TV for me either. I don’t know how my hubby does it, but he sometimes goes through 2 audio books a week. But he’s a crazy thinker and his audio books are actually a break from his thinking..LOL

    1. Post

      WOW! Does your husband drive a lot? I think I’ll do something similar to you. I’ll be very selective about what comes back into my list. It’s good to cut the fat every once and a while and for me, getting rid of everything for a month makes me re-evaluate everything I’m listening to.

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