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Ask the Reader: Do you check your “watched” items?

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Gathering information about ways to improve is a great idea. Going into your listed items and checking which ones are watched is OK too. Doing this all the time? Not so much.

I find that the more I’m checking the watched items, the more time I’m wasting.

On eBay, we can control three things:

  1. Quality of Items
  2. Quality of Listings
  3. # of Listings

That’s it!

eBay allows us to do a lot of other things that don’t have a measurable value. Marketing falls into this for me. Instead, I’m a big fan of keyword research and a quality listing. This is getting the work done before you get the item up onto eBay. By having the right information in a listing, you can avoid buyer back-and-forth.

Quality of items is the same thing as price to me. You have to figure out what numbers make sense for you. $20 or $30? You can put rules in place to restrict buying. “I don’t buy items for more than $5”. This doesn’t have to be a strict set of rules, but it can help you stay in control of what you’re listing.

# of Listings is something you can change. It’s directly correlated to sales, although definitely not at a 1-1 ratio. The more you list, the more you’ll sell. Even if it’s cheap junk, this still holds true. eBay is a huge ocean. Throwing out as many nets as you can is key to getting your fish.

So, the big question is should you fidget with your listings after the fact? I’ve tried this experiment before with no results. Instead of focusing on the unlisted inventory, I was micro-managing my already listed items. I needed to let go. I needed to say those listings are good enough.

Focused Work on Watched Items – Manage Active Listings

I think the worst part about worrying about your already listed items is that it’s non-focused. It’s worrying about specific items without any rhyme or reason. Maybe you’ll look at items over $50 today. Maybe you’ll look at items that have watchers. Maybe you’ll look at your hats because you haven’t sold any in a while. There’s no feedback or trigger for checking these, and it’s possible that you’ll be messing with listings that just went up even if there’s nothing wrong with them.

eBay has added a nice feature recently to help with this issue. Instead of just looking at the watched items, they’ve begun to include age metadata. eBay points out items which have been listed for more than 16 months. This is fantastic!

Watched Items 16 Months Old eBay Listed

That top item has had a ton of watchers for over a year!

With this kind of information, you can do targeted improvements. This inventory is old. It hasn’t moved in a while. It’s been through all the seasons of the year.

You now have good data that this item isn’t a fast mover, and can make a decision about what needs to be changed. I’d say that re-listing these items using sell similar can’t hurt. But at least this is now an educated decision!

Do you waste time looking at how many watches you’re getting? How do you avoid it?






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  1. I don’t really pay attention to listings once they’re up unless I’m tweaking something – pics, information…I figure the reason I watch things isn’t always because I want to buy right away. Often it’s just for research purposes, both for listing and buying at some point in the future.

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      That’s a great point! Not all watchers are buyers. When I’m researching, I don’t watch items that are currently listed. I’ll note the URL of a sold item in my super mega spreadsheet though.

  2. I end those 16 month listings. I also recently have gone through and ended and relisted listings that had hundreds of views and many watchers…ones with way more than any other listings I have…It feels like trimming deadweight and refreshing things…
    All that sending some of those things to auction…has helped my sales a lot. They’re up over 100% from last month…
    That’s the only time I worry about watchers…but it’s more the watcher/views combo.

    Also, if an item gains many watchers quickly i just note it…since those items often sell soonest.

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      Hmm, so you’re saying that you end them and send the item to auction? or just sell similar and change the price/spruce up the listing? I can get behind either, just wondering for info purposes. Additionally, I have SO MUCH STUFF to list, I feel like when I’m spending time on already listed items, it’s not moving the piles that really stress me out.

  3. I am limited to how much I can sell on eBay because I don’t have a lot of storage space in my home. I have heard that even revising your listings helps your items show up higher in searches. So every morning, I revise about 56 listings…add extra words in the description, change the title a bit, etc. And then every night, I list 1 to 5 items. I have also heard that when you have 4 or more watchers, and you up the price, even just a small amt. the item often will sell quickly. It sounds crazy, but guess what…it works most of the time. Sounds crazy but if you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to give it a try.

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      That last bit is interesting. I haven’t heard that before, and it definitely does sound crazy. For me, the issue is spending time tinkering on already listed items or list the piles that are on the floor… The piles win!

  4. I check through all my listings once every 6 months or so just to make sure nothing is too off but mostly I try not to fret over already listed items. I had a lady message me recently complaining about the wording in my listing and letting me know she was “watching an item but didn’t plan to buy” (so why did she care about the wording? Who knows but that’s a whole different thing). I have a feeling a decent amount of my watchers are people like her who are just watching not buying. If I get numerous bad offers on an item with a lot of watchers I end it and send it to auction for a little cheaper than I have it listed. I’ve had good luck with that. Interesting idea to raise the price on an item with a bunch of watchers. I might sort most to least watchers and try it.

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