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Flipper Family Gets Sick

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Oof. My whole family was knocked out of commission by a virus this past weekend. One of us was completely useless over the past 48 hours, and we’re just trying to get back up to speed. We are just trying to function in the house, let alone worrying about blogging! The nice thing about eBay is that if you’re not …

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Louisiana Tax Law – Amazon Affiliate Program

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I received an e-mail from Amazon about an update to their affiliate program. I don’t make a lot of money from there, but every couple of bucks helps. They noted that anyone from Louisiana is now excluded from the affiliate program, and I wanted to know why. Let’s start off with a few warnings. Let’s try to keep this non-political. …

St Patricks Day eBay March Profits 2016

March 2016 Profits – Minimalist Lister

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The first quarter of the year is over. Did your sales come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? Or were they more steady, like my March sales? For any new readers, I post my numbers every month. This is an effort to keep myself grounded. If you’re interested in my older monthly update posts, check them …

tradu ebay research tool

tradu Review and Beta Invite Giveaway

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tradu – a next generation research analytics tool for eBay sellers. Make sure to read on and comment for a chance to participate in the private beta (details at the end of post). You can help develop this application and tailor it to your needs as a reseller!

For anyone rolling their eyes, seriously take a look. I was skeptical at first too!

eBay Ship Scale Stamps Free Dress Process

Ship A Sold Item – eBay Process

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As a new seller, having to ship something was stressful. Over the years, it’s become the easiest part of my eBay process. It means I just got paid!

As a thanks to my readers, be on the lookout for a give away on this Thursday!

Sell one like this eBay Sell Similar Listing

Listing Items – eBay Process

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Listing is the most important part of selling on eBay. This is where you’re creating value – adding important information to an item. Here’s my streamlined listing process!

Mickey Mouse Garage Sale Yard Sale Purchase Book

Purchase Money Limit

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eBay profits can be used a lot of different ways. It’s great to put the profits right back into the business if you want to see growth, but what if you’re not trying to expand too fast due to time or space constraints? I use my purchase money limit.

Amazon Warehouse Inventory Management Kiva Robots

Inventory Management – Mix and Match

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Inventory management becomes more and more important as you grow your eBay business. In the beginning, a book shelf will do. This is not scalable, though, so if your business grows, you’re soon going to be dealing with piles! I’m going to expand on my previous inventory post to with some extra tips on how I manage my process.