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Pearl Snaps – eBay Clothing Series #7

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Final day of my clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge! It’s been rough getting these last two posts out. I wasn’t as proactive as I would have liked either. Don’t mind any rambling or me getting sidetracked. At this point, I’m just glad that I was able to push this out!

We’re going to wrap up the series with a western theme. Pearl snap shirts!


Pearl snap shirts are similar to normal button down shirts, but they have little snaps instead of buttons. The snaps are shiny and have a pearl-like quality. I don’t think I could pull off this shirt at all.

Pearl Snap Brands to Look for

Wrangler and Levis

I’ll try to buy either one of these brands as long as it’s vintage. They usually sell for $30+. Just be wary about condition due to their age. I’ve gotten too many shirts home and only noticed a small hole or stain after the fact.

Wrangler Pearl Snap eBay

This shirt had fancy blue snaps to go with it.

Levis Vintage Pearl Snap

Notice the “Made in USA”. This lets me know that the shirt is true vintage.


Carhartt clothing is usually well made and sturdy, so people are willing to pay a premium for it. I’ll pick up pants or heavy shirts with this brand at any time, even if it’s not a pearl snap. The regular button front shirts aren’t the best though. As usual, this shirt was an XXL and moved pretty quickly.

Carharttl Pearl Snap eBay

Sold for $30. Right on point for me.

Rockmount and H Bar C

These brands are my white whales for pearl snaps. Rockmount is still open today, but H Bar C doesn’t seem to be around since the 1970s.

You can buy true vintage Rockmount directly from their own website, and they’ll run for $100. The going price on eBay is about $30 for plain shirts and $50+ for their crazier styles. Definitely add it to your BOLO List!

Both brands will jump out at you with their ornate designs and are reminiscent of the singing cowboy outfits. I think that they are worn at western horse riding shows or when they go out line dancing.

H Bar C Pearl Snap eBay

A lot of western shirts have the long tails. I’m not sure why.

Rockmount Ranch Wear eBay

Rockmount tags are just as ridiculous as their shirts!

Pearl Snap Duds

Whenever I see a pearl snap, I get a little excited. They sell well and pretty quickly. The issue is that more modern brands (think Urban Outfitters) have put out their own. I would stay away unless you can lot them together or if they were really ornate. They just don’t meet my $20 margin.

ruddock pearl snap usa

“Tall” should set off your profit sensors!

This Ruddock pearl snap sold for $25 with free shipping, but it’s because it was a Tall size. If it were regular, it probably wouldn’t have sold for more than $20. I had originally grabbed it because of the size and the “Made in USA” mark.

Taos Western Pearl Snap

I should have known when I saw the “Made in China.” It generally means it’s newer and not worth a lot.

Some other brands to avoid are Roper, Lucky Brand, and Plains. These are mostly made overseas and are usually thinner too. If you can grab a bunch for cheap, you can sell a big lot. I just pass over them though.

Well, there you go! I’m done with this 7 day challenge and the clothing series (for now). I’ll probably add a post to the series every few months as it seems like people were pretty interested in the topic. Thrift stores are normally >50% clothing, so it’s a good target market.

I’ll follow up with a post next Monday (in February). We’ll see how I did for the month of January and how it’s looking for my goal of $10,000 in profits for 2015.

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