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Pendleton – eBay Clothing Series # 5

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Day #5 in my Clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge. Home stretch now. Expect more pictures and less words. Who knows, maybe that’ll make my posts better!

Today we’re going to talk about another tried and true American brand – Pendleton.

Pendleton isn’t a brand you see every day, but I do frequent one thrift store which seems to have at least one every time I show up. Call me lucky if you want.

I’d put Pendleton above regular “bread and butter” clothes. There’s just not enough of it out there. Maybe this is like the “grilled cheese” of clothes. Really satisfying but still not super expensive. Sure, you’d love to have grilled cheese every day, but some days you just want that simple bread/butter without all the pan frying.

That sentence makes me think that I may be losing it…

Pendleton Tips

Pendleton shirts jump out at me. I’m not sure if I’ve trained myself or if the label is easy to catch. It may be a Pavlovian response at this point. I see Pendleton and I begin drooling dreaming of profits.

Pendleton Label eBay

That bright blue with the yellow stitching is a sight for sore reseller eyes. It’s those damned thrifter’s goggles!

100% Wool Sweaters and Shirts

The majority of Pendleton clothing is going to be 100% wool. The company’s actual name is “Pendleton Woolen Mills,” so this kind of makes sense. Plaid is a very common style, but I’ve found that the material is more important than the actual patterns on the clothing when it comes to the profits (exception below, but don’t worry it’ll just make you more money).

100% wool will always sell for $30+, so they’re in my “automatic” buy category. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Heavy and Big and Tall Clothing

Again, beating the dead horse here, but the heavier the item (think heavy sweaters, flannel jackets, etc.), the more it’s worth. I list the heavy flannel jackets for ~$75, and they still sell quickly.

Just be careful. A lot of times, I’m not sure if a flannel is supposed to be a jacket or a heavy shirt. If it’s borderline, I’ll err on the side of “shirt” just so someone who buys it isn’t disappointed if they were expecting an actual jacket.

And as usual again, the bigger sizes sell better! XXL and bigger is something you will want to look out for!

Blankets and Aztec pattern Shirts
Pendleton Native American Aztec eBay

white whale

Although the plaids are the most common, the Native American themed blankets and Aztec style sweaters/jackets are the most expensive items. These styles are reminiscent of the original clothing made in the early 1900s by the Pendleton Company Founders, the three Bishop brothers.

I’ve already talked about how Aztec themed items sell well, but these Pendletons are also on my “white whale” list along with the Double RL and the Purple label of Ralph Lauren. I wonder how an eBay store named “Call Me Ishmael’s Discount Clothing” would do?

Pendleton Tricks (or what to watch out for)

Moth holes

Be careful! I’ve gotten a few Pendleton wool shirts that had moth holes that I didn’t notice until I got home and examined the shirt. A way to recoup some of this is to sell the shirts as a lot for fabric. Craftier people than me will re-use the good parts of the material for blankets or pillows or some other awesome thing that I can’t even imagine.

100% Cotton
100% Cotton Pendleton Plaid Shirt eBay

Who knows, maybe it stagnated because of my thumb. I’ve moved to using a clickable pen with the point retracted to hold down any collars/tags in pictures.

In my earlier thrifting days, I bought a 100% Cotton Pendleton shirt. I don’t think I spent a ton of money on it (under $5), but it sat. And sat. And sat. I had it for well over a year! It still ended up selling, but I accepted an offer for $20 (free shipping). I know, it’s still a profit, but I won’t be will try to avoid buying anything with such a low margin anymore!

The fact that this shirt isn’t made in the USA probably doesn’t help, but I’ve sold plenty of the woolen Pendletons for $30+ even if it was made in another country.

Pendleton Wrap Up

So there you have it. Pendletons are a great buy in most cases. They’re one of my top buys and I always try to list them as quickly as possible. The sales will probably slow down as it gets warmer up, but it’s worth it to have the item listed and forgotten (LIFI) so you can go buy more awesome stuff instead of worrying about timing. That’s for those weird eBay auction guys.

Finally, if you do have some Pendletons with some flaws, keep the damn shirt for yourself! They’re great work shirts, and the holes generally don’t go all the way through. Just make sure to give the shirt a good cleaning.

If you missed any of my previous posts in this clothing series and the (stupid) #YourTurnChallenge, make sure to get in the know!

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