Pimsleur Gold Edition eBay

Pimsleur Gold Edition

Dollar Flipper Ebay Flip

I was dreaming about this post since I bought these items to re-sell. Maybe I dream of eBay too much?

This flip is something you definitely want to look out for. I knew what I was buying, so I didn’t mind shelling out some extra dough. I think this has been one of my highest flips yet!

In 2013, I found the Pimsleur Greek Gold Edition at my local thrift store. I bought it for $5 and re-sold it for $99! It was a great flip.

Towards the end of 2014, I was walking by the pricing area at my local Goodwill. I happened to notice an employee with a Pimsleur box in her hand. I asked if it was for sale yet, and she said “Sure! Do you want these other 4 too?”

They were $10 each.

I saw dollar signs.

Pimsleur Gold Edition eBay

The word Gold is definitely apt!

I ended up getting the complete 1-4 set (16 CDs in each level) plus an additional quick learning set. It turns out that the last one isn’t as great, but the point is that I was willing to drop $50 for these because I knew what I was buying.

Normally, I’m shelling out $1, not $50! There’s only been a few other purchases where I spent a lot of money. On those occasions, it’s usually for a large amount of inventory.

Flip Details

  • Purchase price – $53.00
  • End Selling Price – $350.00
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $52.19 (Shipping was 16.54 with insurance)

Total Profit:  $244.81

I’m OK with this. I only had to ship it to Tennessee so the cost wasn’t that much (even with signature confirmation and insurance from Ship Cover).

On top of that, I worked him up from his initial offer of $100! Normally, someone who offers $100 on a $599 item will not be buying the item.

The worst part about all of this is that I had an offer of $375 very early on but countered. Maybe I got bit by some karma for being a bit greedy? Well, I’m not sure. I just looked at completed listings for this set and there were some closer to my best offer.

No whining though. I think I should just be happy that I made this big of a profit, just like my Surf Rock Record.

I also might have been able to eek out a bit more if I have sold these pieces individually. If I had sold each set for $100 (ignoring the quick set), I would end up with similar numbers since the shipping would have been more expensive. I don’t know if this would have been true though because Spanish seems to be a bit more popular than some of the other languages that are available.

That being said, I’m going to do my dance to the bank. If I want to spend time whining over $25 that I missed out on, I can go list one of the 50 items that I have in one of my piles that are worth $25!

Would you spend $50 for $244 profit even if it took 9 months to sell? Should I have tried to listen to all of the CDs during the time I had the set listed?