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Ralph Lauren Polo – eBay Clothing Series #2

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OK, day #2 of my clothing series and the #YourTurnChallenge. Day #1 was all about concert merchandise. Day #2 is something a little more common. It’s definitely in my bread and butter category.

Let’s start with the simple ones.

Regular old Ralph Lauren Polo pony shirts.

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater Vest eBay

Does anyone even play polo anymore? I’m betting if they do, they don’t wear Ralph Lauren…

These shirt are all over. The picture above is of a 100% cotton sweater vest. I can sell these for $25-$30 all day. If they’re under $5 and in great condition, I’ll pick them up.

The button-front shirts also sell in this range, but they take longer to sell. You’ll list 20 of them and will sell 1 every few weeks. Not an instant sale, but they’re a nice buy for the slow and steady group. I can’t stress this enough – be meticulous. It’s not worth it if there’s stains on the collar or the cuffs.

Sweaters seem to move faster (maybe it’s the season?). Here’s a 100% silk sweater I sold for $35. There was a pony on the front!

Silk Polo Ralph Lauren eBay

Silk and cashmere feel way softer than regular old cotton. They’re also less durable so be more selective!

Ralph Lauren Polo Tips:

Here’s the Ralph Lauren clothing line in order of profit:

RL Purple Label~Double RL>PRL>LRL>CRL.

The first letter is in reverse alphabetical order! Simple, right? NOT.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Ralph Lauren Purple Label eBay

If you’re crosseyed with the options in the Ralph Lauren line of clothing, it gets worse!

These suckers are HIGH END. $500-$2000 for new SWEATERS. Sorry for the caps, but c’mon. I’m flabbergasted. Now, you most likely won’t get anywhere near these numbers, but $50+ is very easy to achieve.

Double RL
Double RL Polo Shirt eBay

I couldn’t find the backwards R/L key on my keyboard.

This line is supposed to be more useful than the purple label. It’s really high end work wear. Their boots are really expensive and would be a great find. I still haven’t found either the Double RL or the purple labels in the wild yet. These sweaters are more reasonable compared to the purple label, coming in between $400 and $900. Yikes.

Lauren Ralph Lauren (LRL)

This is the medium range in the Ralph Lauren clothing line (a step below the regular Ralph Lauren Polo). They make men and women’s clothing, but I’ve mostly seen it as women’s. The green tag really jumps out at you.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Green Tag eBay

So, there’s Polo by Ralph Lauren, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Chaps Ralph Lauren, and Double RL (RRL). Not confusing at all! This Ralph guy is pretty full of himself…

Chaps Ralph Lauren (CRL)
Chaps Ralph Lauren CRL Shirt eBay

I will only pick up the crazy Chaps Ralph Lauren designs like this boating themed one.

This is vintage (1990s era). Ralph Lauren doesn’t put their name on the Chaps brand anymore, so if you see the two together, it can sell well. If it’s only Chaps without the Ralph Lauren, stay away!

Ralph Lauren Polo tag on sweatshirts and T-shirts

Lots of USA, American flags, the word POLO spelled out on the front, or strangely enough, teddy bear themed sweatshirts  – basically the 90s summed up in clothing.

These items have been popular in the rap community which means that they’ll sell well on eBay. Agora Clothing has a short history on the Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear which has some pictures of Kanye and Just Blaze wearing them. Apparently it’s a thing. I think this is one of those ironically cool things, but I’m definitely willing to profit on it!

Ralph Lauren Polo Teddy Bear eBay

Did the chicken or the Kanye wearing a teddy bear sweatshirt come first?

Next time you see the Teddy Bear on any t-shirts or sweatshirts, grab it up!

Anecdote: I actually saw a guy at work wearing one of the t-shirts. I did not have the gall to ask him if he’d sell it to me. I was still new. If I saw him now, would I do it? On the fence…

So there you have it. Make sure to be selective when you see the Ralph Lauren Polo tag, but there are some real winners if you find the right ones! Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for Day #3 in my clothing series!



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      Yeah, it’s a little overwhelming. I’m still figuring out new things every day!

      1. dear “Flip”,
        I have a question regarding some Chaps Ralp Lauren items I’ve picked up. I believe them to be valuable and rare
        If you could respond to me?
        thank you in advance.
        lisa thevienna@gmail.com

  1. great post! I haven’t found any yet, but I keep looking for those purple tags and teddy bears 🙂

    1. Post

      Just don’t go to my thrift stores and steal them from me!

  2. No wonder I have quit selling clothing. It’s just too confusing. Thanks for helping to make some sense of RL. :-).

    1. Post

      LOL I know. I like clothing for two reasons – it’s easy to ship and easy to store. The profits are there too. Plus, you can build up your inventory during the winter easily when there aren’t any garage sales around! I guess that’s 4 things I like. Whoops!

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  3. I sell a good amount of PRL, haven’t come across the backwards R, will have to keep an eye out for that one. I try to stay away from the Chaps stuff unless it looks brand new or has tags on it, not a huge margin usually. And the Lauren Green label stuff learned early on that one’s not for me.

    1. Post

      Yeah, plain old Chaps is nothing to sneeze at, but some of the old Chaps Ralph Lauren was pretty obnoxious looking and ugly sells!

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  5. Yeah, the louder and more obnoxious the vintage Ralph Lauren, the better. I haven’t come across any of these yet either. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post

      I’d love to find one of the crazy ones. People just seem to love them.

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  12. I found one black label linen shirt that sold for a big profit too.

    1. Post

      I’ve sold a few linen shirts but they were only the regular tags, not the black label one. Awesome!

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