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We all get overwhelmed with life sometimes. When that happens, we need to find ways to take a step back, recalibrate, recharge, and most importantly, RELAX.

Work can take a toll. Extra curricular activities can become too burdensome. You can just stretch yourself too thin.

For me, this can happen when I have a huge pile of stuff that I need to list, knowing that it might be losing value as we speak. I know that I should be listing because it’s a better use of my time than playing video games or watching Sherlock on Netflix.

The thing is that I want this eBay “business” to really remain a fun little hobby instead of becoming a chore. When I get into a funk like this, I have a few steps to get me back on track.

1. Take a Break!

Even though I’m currently writing this post (a little too close to actual work for comfort), I really am practicing what I’m preaching.

Relaxing Pool View

I’ll definitely be down by the pool with a nice, cool beverage this afternoon!

2. Make a Plan

My simple plan is to break the work up into chunks. For me, it’s 1) sort, 2) take pictures/measurements, and 3) finally list.

3. Execute

When I’m doing the sorting, I’ll try to look for items which are quick and easy. This will allow me to build some momentum. Next, I’ll take a bunch of pictures and measure any clothing all at once, just writing down the important information on a loose piece of paper. Finally, I’ll take my list and do the last bit of research and list each item.

Breaking the process down into easy steps makes it more manageable. Sometimes just making the plan gives me enough energy to get over the hurdle of starting.

Hopefully when I get back from this vacation, I can kick some major eBay ass and list a ton!

-Dollar Flipper

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  1. three small tasks equals job complete. Great write up. Very simple, but easily forgotten in the thick of it.

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      Yep. Kids tends to make every little task extra “thick.” Trying to keeping things moving is the key!

  2. This is a great post. Looks like Florida? Is this a pet friendly hotel? I have dogs.

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      Good eye! We are not enjoying the sunny Florida weather. Not sure about the dogs though. Here’s a list of Marriott locations that allow pets though!

      1. Have you ever flipped something that was purchased on Vacay?

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          I haven’t yet, but there’s definitely some deals out there. Some of the Starbucks mugs with cities on them can go for a TON, and I’ve heard that the reason they are so rare is because they were only available in the specific namesake airports.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with this one! Sometimes I try to convince myself that if I just spend more/accumulate more inventory so that I can pay my loans off faster, however, I snap out of it and remind myself that re-selling should not feel like a chore. When/if it gets to that point, I need to re-evaluate things!

    …great view by the way! You look like you’re on vacation, not on your patio. 🙂

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      Exactly! And the hard part for me is that I’m almost exclusively eBay which means that my inventory is in my house! Can’t wait to move to a bigger place where I can set up a room just for eBay stuff!

  4. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing these steps.
    Yes, sometimes we just need to stop for a moment and relax. It can help to solve problems that seemed to be unbearable before.

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      Thanks! The piles of stuff I need to list don’t help me feel any better but the relaxation is a must.

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