Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies

Research Your Item – eBay Process

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I kind of have an ulterior motive here. I have no idea what to do with this dress, so I need your help with the research. I think I could list it for $29.99 and sell it, but on the off chance it’s unique, I don’t want to waste the opportunity! So I figured that I could use this time to go over my whole eBay process, and you can see if any of this helps with a final sale!

Here’s an overview of my eBay process:

  1. Purchase item
  2. Research/Prep Item
  3. Measure, Photograph, and Store item
  4. Clean up Photos/List Item (Sometimes this is broken into two parts depending on the number of photographs)
  5. Pack/Ship Sold item

The process people will be aghast with that many “touch points” for one item. The worst part is that there’s a chance that I move it around a few more times in between 1 and 2. Maybe there should be a “Put bag full of items on spot A, move to spot B, bring 3 bags into the house, don’t touch for a week, and then finally move to #2” in between?

Either way, this process works well enough for me.

I like the fact that in combination with Beeminder, which keeps me churning through items, I get to do varied things. I’m sure that I could be more efficient sometimes. This process lets me break the steps up into blocks and work on similar tasks (research a bunch of items all at once). I am basically the slowest moving assembly line ever. I do all the steps above in chunks over different days. Sometimes, I’ll be photographing for 3 days in a row, but then that lets me list for 3 days in a row.

I found that all 5 of these steps can be bottlenecks. I tell myself that step 1, purchasing inventory, could be a bottleneck we all know that it’s not true.

For this series, I’m stuck on step #2. I bought a dress for a $1 at some garage sale, and I have no idea what to do about it. I’ve posted on a few forums for help and haven’t gotten any. I figured that my readers might be able to help!

Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies

I’ll take better photos when I list it!

Research Questions that I’m hoping to Answer

I have a bunch of questions about this dress, and they’re all in the captions below the following pictures.

Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies 55

Are the numbers dates? They seem like they are a little old for something made in the 70s/80s.


Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies Bond

What is the random “e” and “a” doing?

Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies Bond Girls

These girls remind me of Bond girls. Any idea on who they can be? La “Fatalisima” – Female serial killers?

Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies Pretty

What is with all the sayings? I think this is in Italian, but I can’t be sure. I’ve googled all of the sayings individually and haven’t come up with anything.

Edit: I forgot to add the tag! Here it is. 🙂

Italian Dress eBay Research Green Ladies Pretty Tag

Tag may be important to add…



And that’s where I’m at. As I said above, I think I can get $29.99 pretty easily for this dress.

When I first bought the dress, I thought it was homemade. After I paid attention to the tag, I realized I was wrong with that assumption. The town is in Hong Kong. In general, that dates it as 80s-90s, but it definitely has a 70s feel to it.

This area of Hong Kong (Granville Road in Tsim Shat Sui) is known for its fashion. There’s the off chance that a legitimate designer made this dress. On that alone, I’d rather wait before listing. Most likely, it’s not worth a lot but I’d still like to know what I had in my hands.

I’d love it if you could help me out here and try to help me figure out where this dress came from! Once we have a better idea, I’ll document the rest of my process with this item!