Highlander The Complete Series (Season 1-6) Plus The Raven On DVD Set Brand New eBay Flipping a Dollar

Sealed DVD Box Sets

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DVDs aren’t as popular as they used to be. We like having a sense of ownership, and an electronic download (or stream) just isn’t tangible. Some DVDs are still worth something, though – Sealed DVD Box Sets!

First, I’m going to get this out of the way. You won’t find a sealed DVD box set for cheap at a thrift store unless you get super lucky. Most of these have barcodes, so they’re easily found for sale on the internet.

eBay Printout Price Goodwill Thrift Store

Barcodes aren’t only helpful for resellers; they’re helpful for the thrift stores too.

Rant Warning

I don’t know if there’s anything more frustrating than seeing an eBay printout on an item at a garage sale or a thrift store. Look, I get it. The item is valuable. We both know it. You might have even paid a lot for it, but right now, you don’t want it. You want to get rid of it. So I have leverage.

On top of that, I’m going to do a lot of the work to get that item onto a global market. By doling out some cash, I’m taking on risk.

And that’s not even a picture of a sold item! It’s a current listing! C’mon!


OK, so back to the DVD sets. If you’re lucky enough to find some on the cheap, they’re totally worth a shot. There are some that aren’t going to sell for a lot ($15 for a single season isn’t unusual), but if you can get them for a few bucks the risk is worth it.

I normally see DVD box sets for about $10-15 used at garage sales, and I avoid them. They wouldn’t sell for much more on eBay. If I wanted to own it, that would be a great deal. But we’re all looking for some extra profits.

Another issue with DVD box sets is that you can’t sell them on Amazon unless you’re approved (gated category) and a pro merchant if the price is over $25. They implemented this change in 2014 to crack down on fake DVDs. I’m neither of these because I only sell a few items on Amazon.

eBay is still a perfect venue for selling these types of items.

For this flip, I had a box set of the complete Highlander series for a steal. Nothing like being at a garage sale when the seller doesn’t even try to haggle. Me – “How much for the DVDs?” “eh, how about 2 bucks?” me – “Sounds reasonable!”

I was skipping home after that.

Highlander The Complete Series (Season 1-6) Plus The Raven On DVD Box Set Brand New eBay Flipping a Dollar

Even though this was heavy, the buyer ended up being in the next state over. Priority was cheaper than Media mail!

Pro Tip: If you’re selling something new in the box, you can steal other stock photos. I don’t do this too often but wanted this set listed quickly. If something is used, I always use my own photographs.

DVD Box Set Details

  • Purchase price – $2.00
  • End Selling Price – $144.99
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $20.54 (10.44 eBay + 4.50 PayPal + 5.60 S/H)

Total Profit:  $122.45

Awesome! These $100+ profit flips are the best. The item sold within a month, and I got good feedback pretty quickly. The sale was basically perfect.

DVD box sets aren’t worth as much if they are used or sold as individual seasons. If you have multiple seasons, you can avoid some of the price drop (here’s the E.R. series completed listings – New vs. Used)

Image Credit: Reddit

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      Sometimes they just fall into your lap. You need to be out buying though or else you’ll miss the deals!

  1. Fabulous flip Chris! I’m seeing more and more of those print outs everywhere..and never the completeds, only active listings.

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