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I’ve finally figured out how to migrate my previous blog (flippingadollar.blogspot.com) to its own URL, here at FlippingADollar.com!

I've brought over my mascot too.  And yes, he's much cuter than me.

I’ve brought over my mascot too. And yes, he’s much cuter than me.

I’m going to ask any readers of the blog to bear with me.  I’m very good at figuring out computerish things, but I don’t do it regularly and I’m sure I’ll muck it up somehow!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to deliver a little more content here.  I’d also love to get some updates other than the regular Flips.  Things I’d like to include are rough money calculations showing how much I’ve made since I started re-selling on eBay, packing/shipping/listing help, using Amazon as a platform for selling merchandise, and maybe even the struggles of creating this website.

Even though making a website using WordPress doesn’t apply directly to selling items on eBay, I’d hope to give some insight in how to create a website, how the hosting works, how Bluehost helped, and finally tying it all together using WordPress.  Most of the content that’s generated out there seems to be from an insider perspective.  This is not as helpful when you’re just bumbling around Bluehost changing name hosts, messing up databases, and transferring domains when you really don’t need to.

I’ll also list some of the plugins that helped me get here.  If all goes to fruition, my previous blog on Google’s Blogger platform will link you right over to the new one!  The only negative will be requiring a new login, but I’m trying to figure out if Gravatar or some other format will be the best.  To start, I’m probably just going to go with the stock Jetpack comment plugin and go from there.

Hopefully, you’ll be comfortable sticking around through these changes and keep looking for good buys to flip on eBay!

-Dollar Flipper

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