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Sell Similar – Worth Your Time?

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I’m listening to Scavenger Life again after my #NoNoiseNovember Challenge. They discussed ending and re-listing items using the Sell Similar instead of re-list. I’m trying to figure out if it’s genius or a complete waste of time.

By ending your listings and re-listing using Sell Similar, your item gets a new item #. The watchers and views are reset too. Why would you want to lose this history?

There’s a video of an eBay employee explaining the Cassini search engine and listing features that move you up in the search results. In here they discuss sell similar a bit (and a million other things). The video is 30 minutes long but really worth a few watches to grasp the material.

Over the year I’ve converted all of my listings to Good ‘Til Cancelled. This has let me grow my business slowly and let me focus on getting new listings out the door. Instead of beating around the bush, I figured, what the hell. Let’s do an experiment!

Sell Similar – Experiment

I relisted 15 items (a little less than 5% of my store) to see if I can get some better action. I made a few small tweaks to each item (cleaned up the description, lowered the price a bit)

The items had to have over 200 views and were in the “old” category. I used a gut feeling for whether an item was “old”. Not a very concrete criteria, but it was a good cutoff.

I completed this exercise on 09Dec. It’s been a week so far and no sales. Right now, I’m thinking that the exercise was a complete flop! One week really isn’t enough for me to call it a failure yet, but I’m leaning towards one direction.

After I completed re-listed theses items, I realized that I made a mistake, and my Beeminder automatic graph picked these up as new listings. So this month, I’ll get a bit of a break. I swear that it wasn’t intentional! I’m going to let it slide since it was an accident.

Just wanted to note that the Sell Similar has another awesome function when you’re doing research on an item. It keeps a lot of the important information (brand, etc.) to speed up your listing process.

Using Sell Similar for re-listing items that I already have makes me feel like I’m trying to game the Cassini search system. I can’t imagine that the criteria in the search don’t factor in this kind of action since a lot of people don’t list GTC and only re-list/sell similar every 30 days.

Additionally, the history isn’t completely lost when you Sell Similar. There is a breadcrumb trail that you can follow back to see how many times an item’s been listed.

So far, I’m not impressed, and I feel like re-listing items is one of those activities that makes me feel like I’m doing something when there are better ways I can be spending my time. Listing new items is the key to clearing up piles.

eBay Sell Similar Death Pile Listing

I have a few similar piles in my garage… *Hangs head in shame*

I have a lot of material still to list (as I always do), but I’m pulled towards tasks that make me feel busy instead of ones that are goal driven. I also catch myself checking viewers/watchers on items and looking for new feedback. The latter isn’t as big of a deal since I’d want to handle any bad/neutral feedback, but it’s still not the best thing to be “working” on.

I have the same problem with the blog. If I had 10 posts ready in the queue, I’d feel a lot better. Instead, I look at my numbers throughout the day (ad revenue, page views), and it really doesn’t help anything.

Especially after writing this post out, I’m starting to feel like I’m just wasting my time when I’m using Sell Similar for my already listed items.

Do you Sell Similar? Have you had better/worse/similar results? I’d love to hear about someone who came out with a ton of sales of old items after using the Sell Similar feature.

Image Credit: Leslie Gottlieb