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September 2015 Profits – Impact of Baby Break

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For any new readers, I (mostly) post my numbers every month. I try to keep myself grounded. If you’re interested in my older monthly update posts, check them out here.

September took a bit of a dip but that’s expected. As I announced, I took a Baby Break when my wife was in labor! This entailed a break on the blog, a break in listing, a missed Dragon Ball Z mug deal, and an extension of my handling time to 5 days.

funny baby sleep parents meme

OK, this isn’t 100% true. I get to sleep while my wife is feeding her!

Seriously though, babies do take up a lot of time. They’re total moochers.

Baby Break Dip

Aug-15 Sep-15Total YTD
Blog Referral6.0013.67*93.84
Shipping Income60.4838.47362.93
eBay Fees159.4484.38955.21
PayPal Fees66.4634.93322.20
Shipping Costs210.10142.421,225.00
Cost of Goods Sold185.00370.35**1,320.07
Travel Expenses0.000.001.00
Amazon Fees2.099.12119.97
Office Supplies31.000.00110.02
Office Expense0.000.00374.94
Other Expenses0.000.0050.75
Profit / Loss1,157.98362.184,280.87

* I have a draft post in the works about referral income from the blog, but as reader AC noted, I’m not rolling in the dough with the ads I’ve put on here. I think the reasons are twofold.

First, I still don’t get a ton of traffic and second, I don’t do all of the techniques that I can to increase conversion rate. That would mean writing an e-book, having those annoying popups, and e-mailing my list of subscribers with all of those little affiliate links.

Instead, I just have a few affiliate links in posts and on my Tools of the Trade page. I’m OK with this. Slow growth fits my lifestyle!

** How in the hell did I buy this much if we had a baby???

Two reasons. First, there were some awesome community garage sales, and second, I went to Goodwill on Labor Day (no, not my wife’s labor day) for their 50% off sale. The line was ridiculous, but I took my time through the store and ended up spending over $100. This will (roughly) be over $1,000 in sales though, so it was totally worth the couple of hours spent there!

*** Another future post alert! My wife rocked and saved us a bit of dough on our cable internet. 🙂


This isn’t my highest month but making $350+ in profits when you’ve made a change that will slow your sales just blows my mind. When my wife started experiencing contractions, I (VERY QUICKLY) updated all of my items from a 1 day handling time to a 5 day handling time. Once the hospital trip was over, I went right back to my normal 1 day.

I still made decent profits for the month of September. Actually, it’s just $100 under my average for the year, and had I not gone out and bought a bunch of stuff, it would have been a lot higher.

I had no returns, I listed 12 items on eBay and 10 on Amazon (all low dollar used NES games).

So, even though September wasn’t as good as August, I’m pretty sure I know what went wrong I can do to keep the sales moving. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle more than the 5 sales I had while we were in the hospital! I had a lot on my mind.

How was your September?

Oh, and here’s how I’ve done every month so far!


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  1. Wow, August was an amazing month for you. Get ready because we are heading into the busiest time of the year. Here’s to fantastic sales for all of us. And congrats on the new baby!

    1. Post

      Right? The Pimsleur sale definitely helped. 🙂 Why can’t all of my sales have $200+ profit?

  2. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Another solid month for you despite this being a very busy time in your life. You are quickly approaching your total profits from last year. How are you doing with your listing goals for this year?

    1. Post

      I should probably update that sometimes. Right now I’m doing good. I was doing really well before the baby. I had about a 15 day buffer. Now I’m down to about 5 days but have some things ready to list. It’s just finding the time. I’m not waking up as early as I was before.

  3. Congrats on the new baby! Yay. How exciting. That’s the great thing about this business…you make it what you want it to be. You need to slow down, not list, etc. You can certainly do so.

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