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Ship A Sold Item – eBay Process

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I’ve been detailing my eBay process from purchase through listing. The dress that we’ve been following along has sold. Now it’s time to ship. I wouldn’t have gotten the price I did without reader’s help. Thank you!

Let’s finish the best part of the process together.

For the back history, here are the posts so far in my eBay process series:

  1. Purchase item
  2. Research/Prep Item
  3. Measure, Photograph, and Store item
  4. Clean up Photos/List Item
  5. Pack, Ship Sold item

I got help from reader Ivy on the keywords during my Research/Prep Item post, specifically ‘Fashion Scandal Magazine.’ I also reached out to the readers over at Scavenger Life who helped me with pricing.

I measured the dress (a little more detailed than a shirt), took some pictures, and then put it into storage. All of this information was stored in my mega-spreadsheet.

Finally, I listed the dress on the 15th of December 2015. Just about 3 months later, it sold!

The first note is to new sellers. Not everything sells quickly. When I started out, if something wasn’t selling within a week, I thought there was something wrong. Now, I’m happy when something sells for a good price regardless of the length of time it took.

In the end, this is all a numbers game. As you transition to higher dollar items, they generally sell slower. You’ll have to make up for that by listing more items.

Shipping Process

When something sells, I head out to my storage tubs to get the item. If it’s an item that’s not routine (i.e. not clothing), then I’ll look for a box that the item will fit in.

Next, I took the dress back to my desk where I have eBay and Paypal open to weigh and ship the item.

I have a USB scale that I got from Stamps.com. They give you 4 weeks for free and a free scale. You just have to pay for the S&H. Since stamps.com denied me sponsorship (they actually have a nice program for which helps you buy labels to ship – important if you don’t just sell through eBay), I’ll let you know a secret. You can order this scale and cancel within the 4-week time frame. This scale was a huge improvement over my previous method… my  bathroom scale!

The bathroom scale was only accurate to the nearest 0.2 lbs (3.2 oz). So if something was 4 oz, it would weight 0.4 lb on my scale. I’d have to say it was 7 oz (6.4 oz rounded up) when I went to ship. Definitely lost some money there.

eBay Ship Scale Stamps Free Dress Process

Remember, 15.99 oz and under is 1st class.

The best parts about the stamps.com scale are that it’s USB, it’s accurate to 0.1 oz, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The scale outputs in routine scale standards for electronic data so someone wrote helpful software which shows you the weight on your computer screen! This is very helpful for big boxes. It’s only rated to ~5 pounds. but I’ve confirmed heavier weights using the software. The scale shows dashes if it’s too heavy, but it still outputs to the computer screen. I’ve weighed 15 lb boxes using the scale and compared to the bathroom scale. Both were very similar (within a few ounces).

As to how I packed the dress, I wanted to use my favorite mylar bags, but the dress weighed  over 1 pound and was destined for Arizona.

Instead, I was able to fit it in a padded flat rate mailer. eBay makes it really easy to compare all of your shipping options so you know you’re getting the best deal.

USPS Shipping Item Dress eBay-2

Just make sure to check it on the final page. eBay’s system sometimes forgets what you selected!

eBay stores all of your information in their system. They also store all the buyer’s information. Additionally, this is synced up with PayPal and offers you protection as long as you don’t change the buyer’s address.

Once you select the shipping option, you just want to confirm your printer settings. That affects how eBay prints out the label. I use a Dymo printer so the labels are long and skinny, but the popular Zebra printers are a bigger one. Worst case, you can print your label to paper or PDF.

USPS Shipping Item Dress eBay-4

I just have to hit OK. No tape or scissors required!

Way back when, my bathroom scale wasn’t the only antiquated part of my process. I didn’t even have a printer! I’d have to bring a USB drive with a PDF on it to work or to Staples. Times have changed. I use the generic Dymo labels, I just peel the back off and place it onto the package. Another improvement over having to cutting paper and having to tape it to a package in the post office parking lot.

Since I moved to Maryland, I got told by the nice lady at the USPS that the “13 oz” rule on all blue boxes only applies to packages that have stamps. Anything paid for electronically and fits in the blue box can just be dropped off right in the bin without handing it to a postal worker!

This revolutionized my shipping process. The post office is only a mile out of the way, but it’s downtown so that adds an extra 5-10 minutes. Instead, I can just swing by the closest blue box!

Padded flat rate mailers and the mylar bags fit, but most boxes still have to get dropped off at the physical post office. Luckily, our post office’s vestibule is open 24/7 with a big box drop-off bin.

Ship = Getting Paid – Flip Details

  • Purchase price – $1.00
  • End Selling Price – $75.00
  • Fees and Shipping/Handling – $13.78 (5.40 eBay + 2.48 PayPal + 5.90 S/H)

Total Profit:  $60.22

I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this much without the readers here and the help over at Scavenger Life. I was thinking that I would sell the dress for $29.99 (as noted in my research post). Instead, I tripled my profit!

Stay tuned for Thursday where I’ll be having a give-away as a thank you!

For some icing on the cake, my favorite thank you stickers helped. I got good feedback too!

Dress Feedback eBay USPS

Always a breath of relief when someone gives good feedback.


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  1. Hi! I’m glad my comment was of some help. 🙂
    Kudos to you for the buy, and the good selling price! I love hearing about good flips!

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  2. I bought a new scale within the last 6 months and that monster goes up to 300lbs. I have a small USPS scale that I’ve had for years, but it only goes to 10 lbs..I do use the small one most of the time, unless I have something heavy/bit. I also use the legal priority mail boxes. I just sent a pair of men’s 40×36 jeans that fit into it. It’s bigger than the padded one and shipping is less. But I don’t have free shipping (except for my ties). 🙂

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      I haven’t tried the legal boxes. Aren’t they cardboard mailers, not boxes though? I wasn’t sure if there’s a restriction on the width of the envelope…

      1. Re the legal envelopes: Some people have said that there is, but I’ve used them forever and have never had a problem..never!

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